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Online Spiritual Books in Bangalore

                                              Online bhajans cd's and dvd's in Bangalore

The Lord then gave an explicit command-yathaayatanam pravishat pravishat iti-meaning,lookout for a suitable place in this body according to your merit,and make an entry into it.

In our spiritual books the story oratorically explains in simple terms,and makes one understand that the living beings did not originate merely by chance or due to the blows of the forces of nature,as articulated by Darwin.Nature just provided suitable conditions for the birth and growth of the living beings.But the systematic evolution of the living beings could happen only with  the grace of the supreme-Consciousness,the Lord.This series of evolution continued without intermission till the creation of the human body.On the whole ,the role of the supreme consciousness is of paramount importance in the process of evolution.

In the Taittiriya Upanishad,the great sages have explained this process of evolution in a peculiar style -through the medium of 'panchakoshas.'The evolution of the panchakoshas one after another is in fact the journey of the evolution of the cosmos.

The first kosha is 'Annamaya'.It is manifested when the materialization of the consciousness in nature occurs in the world of the flora, is revealed in trees,creepers and medicinal plants.

The second kosha 'praanamaya' is revealed through the creation of insects,moths and the birds and consciousness materialized through them

At the third stage,the upward spiral of the soul-force becomes more powerful and a speedy development take place.Here,the 'mind' is materialised. At this level,the animal-kingdom and the human beings' find their place.This refers to the progressive state of Consciousness known as ' Manomaya Kosha'.Buy our online spiritual books in chandgigarh.

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Online Spiritual Books in chandigarh

Divya jyoti Foundation is one of the spiritual organization we having branches all over India.we conduct the programs on spirituality to teach about the spiritual life by our spiritual experts we also provide the spiritual books you can buy our spiritual books online shopping.

Spirituality is a broad concept with room for many concepts of about life. In general, it having a connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it usually involves a searching for meaning in life. As such, it is a universal human experience—something that touches us all.

Spirituality is considered  as broader concept compare to any religion we have to practice, as it takes  the consideration of many aspects of life it may be your behavior and character,attitude and emotion of the person. Some one may describe the spirituality is the way to understanding of one's nature or the meaning of  some one existence, but spirituality is also defined as one's path to internal happiness and awareness.Many religion culture and belief systems holds  one's spirit is the essence of one's existence, and thus, spirituality may also describe for some people their connection to each other and themselves.

Though one may describe themselves as spiritual without adhering to the principles of any religion or even having any religious thought, for some, religion is the manifestation of their spirituality. This manifestation may involve the performance of rituals, in one tradition or in some combination of traditions, with varying degrees of commitment and involvement in that faith. Spirituality may also describe the attention one pays to one's well-being and that of others. For many, the practice of dance, yoga,meditation, or volunteer work, among others, are outlets in which to express spirituality

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Health Care Products Suppliers

Divya Jyoti foundation is non profit organization,main branch is located in Delhi. We are the best Health care products supplier in Delhi we also provide sanjeevika ayurvedic  health care and personal care products to cure various kinds of diseases. sanjeevika Amla hair oil is beneficial for healthy and strong hair growth and it also prevents the premature graying of can buy our health herbal products in Delhi through online. 

Some of the healthy foods that prevents the hair loss are fallows:

Strawberry: Strawberries is rich in silica. Silica is a plays main role for hair strengthening and hair growth.other than strawberry some of foods rich in silica are cucumber,cauliflower,oats,onion, cabbage,rice.

Yogurt : Yogurt is contains Vitamin D and Vitamin B5 that promotes  hair follicle health. you can also apply yogurt as hair mask  weekly once or twice.

Vitamin C helps to absorb iron content in our body.The lack of deficiency of vitamin c may lead to hair loss. Vitamin C having antioxidant properties it avoids the hair damage caused due to free radicals use of some fruits like papaya,lime orange and kiwi fruits  vitamin c also produces the protein called collagen and it also give strength  to blood vessels.

Spinach: Spinach is a rich with iron, vitamin C and A.Deficiency of iron in our body causes hair fall. It contains sebum it acts as conditioner for hair it also provides some essential contents like omega-3 potassium,calcium,magnesium and iron.

Sweet potatoes and Carrots: Include carrots in your daily diet for  long and lustrous locks. It also very good for eyes it provides vitamin A to your body it helps for hair growth and sweet potatoes are rich with beta-carotene helps for strong and healthy growth of hair.

Dairy products and Eggs: cheese, milk, yogurt and eggs are rich with  required nutrients and proteins like iron,vitamin B12,zinc,omega  6 fatty acids and dairy products are rich with vitamin B7.

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Herbal Care Products


Divya jyoti foundation provides sanjeevika  personal care products to keep your skin healthy and glowing Sanjeevika Neem face wash is works effectively to reduce the acne and pimples marks and also it gives healthy and glowing skin.Neem having anti-bacterial properties it also fights against skin infections.Other than personal care products we provide pure herbal products and health and wellness products.

Neem leaves moisturizes the skin, it gives soft and supple effective to your skin it effectively works for lightening pimple marks, scars and pigmentation.If you facing pimples problems on your face you can apply neem leaf decoction. To cure the skin infections prepare neem leaf paste add some turmeric mix well and apply both neem and turmeric having anti-bacterial property.

To cure acne

Add cup of neem leaves in water and boil untill the water is turns green colour. Store this mixture in bottle and mix this neem decoction with while taking bath .if you use this regularly it reduces the acne and body odor. 

Neem can be used as Toner

Neem leaves also act as a toner. Dip cotton ball in neem decoration and wipe full face and leave it overnight. and Just dip a cotton ball in boiled neem water and wipe your face with it overnight.It clears the black heads,pigmentation's,pimples and scars. 

You can also use neem for face pack .To prepare face pack boil neem leaves with orange peel in water to this mixture add little amount of yoghurt,milk and honey and make smooth paste,apply this mixture to face wash the face when it dries.It reduces the pores in skin and white heads.

Reduces the dandruff  and hair fall

Take cup of fresh Neem leaves boil it with water use this mixture to rinse your hair after shampooing hairs.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015



Meditation is one of the powerful technique to reduce the stress on your mind from our Divya Jyoti Foundation we organize the meditation programs.our team to give you more information regarding the meditation that is ,how to meditate to keep your mind stress or tension free and we also teaches some different kinds of meditation techniques to get the health benefits.

An common people may think meditation as a prayer or worshiping god.But actual meaning of Meditation is awareness.Anything if you do with awareness is meditation. For example "concentrating on your breath" is meditation; hearing any one of sounds continuously with out distraction is meditation.Meditation works effectively only you are free from any other distraction.If you meditate in early morning time it is very useful because morning time environment is very calm and peaceful.

Some meditation key points

  • Meditation is very good practice it reduces the stress in mind and it has a capacity to improve the life style quality and decrease cost of health care.
  • To practice meditation we need not any efforts but if you not concentrate properly on one point while doing mediation it  leads to ‘thoughtless awareness’.it is causes to produces  the excessive stress  during meditation and mind neutralizes without decreasing the effectiveness or alertness.
  • Authentic type of meditation helps to focus on the present situation rather than past or undetermined future.
  • There is only small quality of difference to evident  for comparing one type of meditation technique with another type of meditation with stress relaxation techniques.
  • The meditation helps to release some catecholamines and reduces stress hormones it results to increase parasympathetic activity.

  • It changes the quality of life style outcomes
  •  psychoneuroimmunology activity will increases and it reduces the stress  
  • It reduce the healthcare cost
  • Meditation helps to improve the mental stability and reduces the stress on your mind and you can lead healthy, tension free and calm life
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Monday, December 14, 2015

Health Care Products Suppliers in Delhi

                                               Health care products suppliers in Delhi

Divya Jyoti Foundation is located in Delhi.Our organization provides the sanjeevika ayurvedic medicines for different kind of diseases ,sanjeevika aloe vera juice is beneficial for to build immunity power and it also beneficial for skin and hair growth we also provide health herbal products and organic health care products. You buy Ayurvedic medicine online in Delhi from our official website.we conduct many Bhajans, meditation and spiritual programs to know more about our programs you can go through our spiritual book and music Cd's and Dvd's.

Aloe Vera contains Vitamin C ,E  and beta carotene it having anti-aging property for skin and it nourishes the skin. It also moisturizes the skin without greasy, It is more beneficial for both oily skin and dry skin.

The following property of Aloe vera more beneficial for skin

  • It avoids the pimples and acne and lightens the dark spot
  • It prevents aging of skin
  • It works as a good moisturizer
  • It removes the sun tans
  • It also works great for wounds and insect bites

Benefits of Aloe Vera for hair

  • Aloe Vera works good to reduce the Dandruff
  • It maintains the Ph balance in scalp
  • Aloe Vera promotes the hair growth
  • It acts like a good conditioner for hair

Health benefits of Aloe Vera
  • It improves the immunity power
  • It lowers the risks of cancer
  • It is good medicine for heart burn
  • It also helpful to maintain the blood sugar.
  • It maintains the oral health
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Friday, December 11, 2015

Health Care Products Suppliers

                                           Health and wellness products in Delhi

Now a days many peoples are suffering from arthritis because of their daily life style,work or lack of some vitamins. arthritis can be avoided by using ayurvedic products for  best results, from Divya Jyoti foundation you can buy sanjeevika Sandhi shool it helps to reduce the joint pain.Some of the vegetables,fruits ,oils and nuts helps to avoid the joint pain and inflammation.If you add those food in your diet helps to strengthen the bones.Our sanjeevika products are made up with pure natural products and herbal health can buy ayurvedic products online. 

The foods that are beneficial to avoid the arthritis are given below:

  •  Omega-3 fatty acids fights against the inflammation so eat three to four ounces of fish at least twice in a week so that you can avoid the inflammation in bones and it is very useful for rheumatoid arthritis
  • Vegetarians can use soybeans to avoid inflammation and helps for production  of omega-3 fatty acids. soya beans is rich in proteins and fibers with low fat content it also keeps    good health.  
  • Olive oil is rich with heart-healthy fats, oleocanthal,it having the property similar to anti-inflammatory drugs and non-steroidal.Olive oil having useful health benefits. Avocado safflower and avocado oils have low cholesterol property.Another useful oil is walnut oil is rich with omega-3s 10 times compare to olive oil.It is beneficial for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. 
  • Milk products like yogurt and cheese are rich with vitamin D and calcium it gives the strength to bone. Vitamin D absorbs the calcium, increases the immunity power and fight against the inflammation. Other vegetables and leafy food also recommended to avoid arthritis.
  • Green tea having antioxidants and  polyphenols, this properties of green tea is helps to reduce the inflammation and slows downs the destruction of cartilage . Another antioxidant in green tea called epigallocatechin-3-gallate ie(EGCG) it stops the production of some molecules that cause the joint pain.
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Buy Ayurvedic Medicines Online in Bangalore

                                               Ayurvedic Medicines in India

Ayurvedic medicines one of the oldest medicine type and it is also known as ayurveda. Ayurvedic medicines are prepared by natural products and herbal products. This ayurvedic medicines are introduced first in India over a thousands of years ago.

Ayurvedic products are based on health and wellness. It has no side effects, it should be taken by doctor prescription. It balances between mind,body and spirit. The main aim of Ayurvedic medicine is provide  good health from natural products, it increases the immune system.The treatments are different for specific diseases.From our Divya Jyoti Foundation You can Buy Ayurvedic medicines online in Delhi,our sanjeevika  Ayurvedic medicines provides so many products for different diseases.

The following  Ayurvedic practice helps to strengthen your digestive system:

Always have your food by sitting down (don’t concentrate on any things like TV,mobile or computer).

  • Have your food in good atmosphere not when you’re upset.
  • Daily have your food in correct time.
  • While eating food keep your mind with peace. Don’t swill down the food and  you should not eat slowly.
  • Don't eat much harder food which is very difficult to digest. 
  • Have food with all six tastes in every meal.
  •  Use hot water  with ginger hole day it helps for digestion.
  • Daily practice of exercise is good for health.
  • Oil massage by using herbal nutrient oil to body and head at least twice in a week helps to balance your body and mind. 
  • Meditate every day in morning time this good for health.
  • Use some of detoxifying herbs like brahmi,triphala,ginger and Neem.
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Spiritual Books Online Shopping

                                            Online Bhajans cd's and dvd's in Bangalore

Welcome to Divya Jyoti Foundation, Spiritual Organization. Our organization provides you so many spiritual books,Music Cd's and Dvd's and our Akhandya magazine now become digitalized our spiritual books are available in English,Hindi and Punjabi you can buy our Online music Cd's and dvd's in Bangalore.We also provide the Bhajans and Discourses video.

About spirituality

You have to think positively because your thinking will become your words. Your positive words will turns in to behaviors.If your behaviors are good the people around you loves you and then your behaviors will become habits.If your habits are positive you will get values to your habits.Every positive things makes it as your destiny.

Success secrete

To keep your mind with calm or tension free you have to meditate daily atleast once.If you meditate early morning its very useful.What ever the problems you are facing in daily life take it as challenge and prove yourself ,one of the most important thing is self confidence and positive thinking this two things helps to achieve your goal and success in life. 

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online Herbal store in delhi

                                              Pure Herbal products in Delhi

Divya Jyoti foundation is one of the best spiritual organization  and also non profit organization our foundation is located in Delhi. we manufacture sanjeevika Health care products and Personal care products use our sanjeevika Brahmi amla hair oil and Keshwardhan herbal shampoo for healthy growth of hair and we provide the best Herbal health products and Natural products.From our organization we conduct many health care camps, Bhajans,Meditation to keep your mind calm.

The following are the best home remedy to avoid the dandruff.

Coconut oil helps to remove the dandruff because of its anti fungal properties. It also moisturizes your dry scalp and it reliefs from itching.Add some amount of lemon juice to coconut oil mix well,apply this mixture on scalp then wash your hair after 20 minutes.

Apple cider vinegar It maintains the pH balance on scalp, it inhibiting the growting of yeast. It is work as best natural hair clarifies and helps to clean closed pores and hair follicles.Add equal amount of water and apple cider vinegar to this mixture add 15 to 20 drops of tea tree oil then apply this on your scalp and massage well after twenty minutes wash your hair with warm water.

Baking soda is mild exfoliate, it helps to remove the dead skin on the scalp and absorbs the excess amount of oil. Baking soda maintains the pH levels on the scalp and reduce the growth of fungi that cause dandruff.Rub some amount of baking soda to wet hair scalp after 20 minutes rise your hair with warm water.

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                                                    About spiritual life

The spiritual Bhajans program organized by Divya jyoti foundation   this is the best opportunity hear spiritual bhajans of lord  Krishna, the Supreme Personality of krishna. The Katha started a commendable beginning with the recitation of Vedic hymns in Sanskrit to make positive environment.then lamp lightening assembly, and other worship programs held by our Chief Guests and spiritual bhajans preachers during the event.

Lord Krishna showed the blissful knowledge of 'Brahm Gyan' which is  essential for one to become socially and morally responsible. This knowledge is impressed in a human the feelings of kindness and humanity that finally leads them towards the safe and welfare of society. The modern world also wants the refreshment of this excellent technique to set free from evils and reaches the stage of social transformation.

In Brahm Gyan Lord Krishna said “Vasudhev Kutumbakam”. The statement is not all about a inner peace and cooperation among the societies in the world, but also about teaches about the truth that changes the whole world has to survive together like a good family. This reason tells about why Hindus religions think that any power in this world, big or small not having its own way, by ignoring others.

Practical examples shows the importance of spirituality and its connection with our daily life. People learn insight into how to resolve the problems of personal and social concern through the spiritual teachings of the our Management Guru of all times, Lord Krishna.

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Health Care Products Suppliers in chandigarh

Online herbal store in Delhi

  Divya Jyoti foundation is located in Delhi our organization is one the best spiritual organization in India.we organize the many program on Bhajans,spiritual classes,Meditation you can join us for our various programs like bhajans, free doctor consultation ,blood donation etc.Here we also provide the ayurvedic medicine,health herbal products and natural products you can buy Ayurvedic products online use sanjeevika shirovedan beneficial for headache and insomnia.

 The following points are best home remedy to avoid from head ache:

1. Ginger

Ginger helps to reduce blocking of the blood vessels in the head, so it relief from headache.

  • Mix some amount ginger juice and lemon juice take it once or twice a day.
  • Take one table spoon of dry ginger powder also called sonth and add two tablespoons of water on the forehead  few minutes.
  •  Boil ginger powder or raw ginger and inhale the vapor it reduces the headache
  •  use one or two pieces of ginger candy and chew it.

Mint Juice

Menthol and menthone are the main ingredients of mint which works effective to relief headaches.
  • Take two to three table spoon of mint juice from raw mint leaves massage it on forehead it reduces the headache quickly.
  • You can also use mint tea compresses. use mint juice with coriander juice it is effectively work to treat headaches.

3. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint having menthol it helps open the clogged blood vessels so that it effectively work to relief from head ache.

Take three table spoon of peppermint oil with almond oil and olive oil or some of water mix this mixture and massage it on forehead it easily relief from can also use peppermint oil with some water and boil for some time then take inhale few minutes.

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Health Care Products Suppliers in chandigarh

                                                     Ayurvedic medicine in Bangalore

Divya jyoti Foundation is one of the non profit organization we conduct the spiritual classes we explain about the spiritual life and also you can attain our the Bhajans and meditation program. we provide sanjeevika ayurvedic medicines and organic health care products. sanjeevika rudhir-shodhak  very useful to reduce the skin infections and it purifies the blood we are the best health care products suppliers in Delhi

The following points are the best home remedy to avoid skin Rashes:

Olive Oil

olive oil acts like a skin moisturizer it heals and improves the skin renewal olive oil is rich in  vitamin E and antioxidants it also reduces itching problem.

  • Mix olive oil and honey with equal proportion apply this mixture it on the area effected on the skin.Apply this mixture daily two times it completely heals your skin.
  • You can also add turmeric powder to olive oil and apply this mixture daily two or three times.turmeric having anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties so that it fight against the bacteria and smooth-en the skin reduces the rashes.

 Baking Soda

Baking soda is another home remedy it dries the skin rashes and also relieves the itching and inflammation of skin rashes.

  • Add 1:3 proportion of baking soda and water apply this on affected skin area leave this few minutes then rinse with water use this twice in a not leave this mixture long time on your skin it may causes some irritation in some people.
  • Prepare mixture of baking soda with coconut oil apply this paste to affected area leave few minutes then rinse with water.

 Aloe Vera

Aloevera having antibacterial,emollient,anti fungal property anti-inflammatory aloe vera it heals the rashes, apart from this it also smooth-en the skin, relieves itching and redness.

1. Take aloe vera gel from fresh aloe vera leaf.
2. Apply the gel on your skin where rashes affected.
3. Leave it 15 to 20 minutes, and then rinse with water
4. use daily three times a day until the rash clears.

 Cold Compress

Ice cubes beneficial in reducing rashes, skin burn caused by heat, insect bites, swelling and put ice cubes on sealed plastic bag put this on affected area leave it for few minutes it reduces the swelling.

 Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar having acetic acid content it reduces the skin infections. Dip cotton with apple cider vinegar and place it on the affected area leave some time and rinse it it reduces the skin allergy

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Herbal Products

Divya jyoti Foundation is one of the spiritual organization we organize the spiritual classes to teach about the spiritual life and also we conduct the bhajans and meditation program from our organization we provide sanjeevika ayurvedic medicines and health herbal products.  Herbal products are very useful to keep our body healthy some of the herbs having many medicinal values for example basil leave.

The various herbs having different health benefits basil or tulasi leaves having more medicinal and nutritional value and consume of basil leave daily it helps to fight against bacteria and infections,provides more immunity power to body.

Tulsi helps to cure the following diseases:

  • Cures Fever
  • Maintain the sugar level
  • Protect the heart from heart attacks
  • Fight against the cancerous cells
  • Reduces the headache
  • Helpful to keep your skin healthy and glowing
  • Fights against the respiratory problems

Cures a fever: Tulsi acts like anti-bacterial and anti-biotic this property is useful to reduce fever. It has the ability to cure different types of fever.If you suffering from fever prepare tulsi leave decoction and add some of cardomom powder and we should take tulsi and cardamom 1:0.3 proportion and add sugar and milk to decoction then have this mixture sip two or three hour once it reduces the fever it is very effective remedy for children's

Maintains the sugar level: The antioxidants and essential oils  contain in tulsi it produces the  eugenol, methyl eugenol and caryophyllene these substances helps to produce the pancreatic beta cells these cells releases the insulin and also it stores this functional property helps to lower or maintain the blood sugar level in sugar patients. 

Protect the heart from heart attacks:Protect the heart from heart attacks The Eugenol compound present in basil leave it protects the heart by controlling and maintaining the blood pressure and it reduces the fats content daily chewing of some of basil leaves in the morning empty stomach prevent and protect any heart ailments.

Fight against the cancerous cells: anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogenic feature tulsi fights against breast cancer and oral cancer due to over consume of tobacco. tulsi restrict the blood flow in tumour cells and attacks the blood vessels supply of blood. 

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Health Care Products Suppliers in Bangalore

                                                    Pure herbal products in Delhi

For keeping healthy body we have to consume some healthy drink it gives the energy to the body and consuming beverages like tea coffee, diet drinks, fruit juice, milk and Alcohol is should take in limited quantity so that it will be good for health.

Instead of using costly flavored juice in the grocery store, you can easily prepare in home and also you can use sanjeevika Orange sharbath and gulab sharbath it is refreshing and healthy drink from our organization we provide health and wellness products to keep healthy body  and you can buy Ayurvedic medicines online in Delhi.

 You can also Try some home made drinks by putting any of the following ingredients to cold pitcher of water:

  • Add some pieces of citrus fruits  like grape,orange and lemon.
  • You can add some fresh mint
  • Adding of sliced fresh ginger helps to avoid acidity problem
  • Peeled, sliced fresh ginger or sliced cucumber
  • Add some of black or straw berries
  • Avoid some drinks like soda,energy drinks, sports beverages because it having sugary content.
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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Monthly Magazine in Delhi

                                                   Online spiritual books in Delhi

Divya Jyoti Foundation is spiritual organization.Here we teach you about spiritual life and we provide spiritual Books and spiritual magazine.we concentrate more on the concept of world peace and inner peace in our monthly magazine we teach how to avoid stress in our daily life and to keep  mind can buy our monthly magazine in Delhi,we organize meditation,Bhajans program. other than this we also manufacture the sanjeevika Ayurvedic medicine for different diseases we have two different types of sanjeevika products ie health care and personal care you can buy  Ayurvedic medicine products through online.

Ten years ago our Monthly magazine Akhand Gyan is started and it was maintained by our organization lead  Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. The purpose of  our magazine is to bring new lights on spirituality and to wipe off the bad things of misconception, providing the good thoughts in the minds of non-believers of God.

 It is clearly evident that the organization has lost its luster. It has reached miles away from the resort of its maker,joined with whom was its main goal. This concept describes the absence of the basic attribute from its structure– Brahm Gyan!

 In our monthly magazine akhand Gyan we explained what our intention is to get back the lost luster and includes  divinity to every one who like to lead spiritual life through the message of Brahm Gyan so that every soul is blessed by Peace supreme. Brahm Gyan is the strong basis to get peaceful world. And a Poorna Guru alone can teach you this fundamental knowledge… and to spread the importance of Guru and Brahm Gyan.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

online bhajans cd's and dvd's in delhi

                                Music cd's and Dvd's

Divyajyoti Foundation is one of the non profit organization.The main branch is located in Delhi. In our organization we also organize the various programs like meditation,spiritual teachings,bhajans and you can buy our online bhajans cd's and dvd's in Delhi.we also provide you sanjeevika Ayurvedic medicines.Here we also provide the teachings about the spiritual life.

Bhajans are devotional songs its sing to praise the God, recite it includes the teachings of saints. Other type of bhajan related word is kirtan, it refers to chanting of mantras took from the Vedas. Devotional songs are also called kirtans.

Influences of Bhajans.

Earlier Bhajans are influenced at various times by the teachings of expert saints like Chaitanya, Haridas, Tulsidas, Soordas, Mira, and Kabir, their songs are still popular today.Its a form of contemporary Hinduism .Bhajan will give you excellent experience, which gives the people who attend the bhajans program with good energy and high enthusiasm.

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Pure Herbal Products in delhi

                                                  Natural products in Delhi

Your healthy diet plays a main role to build your immunity system. We should use fresh fruits, vegetables and other healthy food to improve our immunity. Use sanjeevika chywanprash health herbal products to increase the immunity and you can buy our pure herbal products in delhi. we need to keep our body healthy for this you have to start daily exercise and meditation to keep your mind tension free. You can use our sanjeevika  orange juice it gives you vitamin C and prevents cold. Immunity system can be developed by using balanced enrich minerals and vitamin present in fruits vegetables,grains.

The following points helps you to increase your body  immunity system:-

As we know that vitamin C’s plays a important role to increase the immunity system.Vitamin C is present in citraus fruits. Green Leafy  vegetables like kale, spinach, peppers, brussels sprouts, strawberries and papaya are having enriched vitamin sources.

The vitamin E  is a powerful antioxidant it helps to fight against the body infections. Use sunflower oil in daily food preparation its seeds are enriched with vitamin can use soaked Almonds in morning.peanuts, hazelnuts also high in vitamin E. 

From vitamin B6 around 200 biochemical reactions will happen in our body.It plays a very good role to build immune system functions. Potatoe,bananas, chickpeas tuna fish are the some of foods which having vitamin B6.

Vitamine A is enriched in foods that are high in colorful components like carotenoids. — our body converts the carotenoids into vitamin A vegetables like pumpkin, cantaloupe, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash — are all great strengthens our body against the different types of infections.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Health Herbal Products

Divyajyoti Foundation is one of the spiritual organization.The main brach is located in Delhi and also all over india. we provide you  sanjeevika  Ayurvedic medicine, sanjeevika Aloevera juice is Enriched with minerals and Nutrients and it gives refreshing and rejuvenating it increases the energy levels detoxifies and builds immunity you can buy ayurvedic medicine online in delhi.In our organization we also organize the various programs like meditation,spiritual teachings,bhajans and you can buy our organic health care products in Delhi

The health benefits of Aloevera is given below

1. Avoid the heart burn Hyper acidity is a digestive system disorder it results in heartburn symptoms . Use of aloe vera daily 1 to 3 times at mealtimes it reduce the  acidity problem and also decreases digestion-related problems. Aloe vera lowers the toxicity this is one the best home remedy.

2. Aloevera Gel coating on fruits and vegetables keeps bacteria away. In recent research an aloe vera gel coating on vegetables plants like tomato and other plants  it avoids the harmful bacteria.this experiment is done on apples fruit also, aloe gel helps to keep vegetables and fruits fresh and longer without  use of toxic chemicals.

3.Aloevera can be used as mouthwash the recent 2014 research says  aloe vera is safe and effective to use as mouth washer compare to other chemical products. Aloevera is enriched with vitamin C,  it avoids the plaque and also gives the relief from bleeding or swelling gums.

4. Helps to control the Blood sugar.Aloe vera helps for people who suffering from blood sugar diabetes it lowers the sugar level in Blood. Daily consuming of  two tablespoons of aloe vera juice it results in decrease of sugar level in blood sugar patients  which means it is good medicine for diabetes treatment.

7.Aloe vera fights against breast cancer causing cells.Aloe-emodin in aloe vera leaves,it slow down the spreading of breast cancer cells.  Currently Research is going to investigate aloe vera may helps to reduce other types of cancerous cell.

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Buy Ayurvedic Medicines Online in delhi

                                              Ayurvedic medicines in Delhi

Divyajyoti Foundation is one of the Non profit organization.The main branch is located in Delhi and also all over india we provide you  sanjeevika  Ayurvedic medicine sameer pannag ras is helps to cure vatic disorders and facial paralysis and related various diseases you can buy Ayurvedic products online.In our organization we also organize the various programs like meditation,spiritual teachings,bhajans and you can buy our spiritual book online shopping in delhi.

The following some of treatment helps to relive from Facial paralysis

 Biofeedback Treatment : Biofeedback treatment  helps to train your brain to understand and  to control your body. It can help you get facial expression back by maintaining and controlling your facial muscles and  it gives back sensation to your area affected in face.The biofeedback treatment will differ based on your condition, so that you can consult your doctor are specific type of treatment

Physical exercise By daily exercise training to your facial muscles using different exercise techniques, you can get back some of your facial function.From this exercises you can also help relieve from some of related diseases,and also relives from pain. You can consult physical therapy specialist

Get facial massage. Facial massage can help you to get back the function where area affected by Facial paralysis and use some of ayurvedic massage oil. 

 Acupuncture treatment:  In this technique they sticks small needles at some of the specific points in skin. Its helps to stimulate muscles and nerves, it relieves pain it helps to work your brain in your control.

 Relaxation to your Mind.To get refreshment to your mind daily practice of Meditation and yoga helps to relife from tension and it gives the fresh mind set breathing exercise technique it gives the muscle relaxation and also relieves from pain

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Organic Health Care Products in Delhi

Divya Jyoti Foundation is a manufacturer and supplier of Organic Health Care Products in Delhi, India. We currently market our health care and ayurvedic medicines throughout India and We have expanded our natural products with all types of raw farm produce. Our online herbal store are now widely spread over Delhi, Rajasthan, Bangalore, Chandigarh. We are actively comitted to expand our marketing networks and pursuing new business relationships all over the world. Djfoundation is committed to becoming globally recognized as a reliable and competitive supplier of the highest quality organic herbal care and health care products.

Asthma is a quite common chronic sickness involving the system during which the airways constrict, become inflamed, and are lined with excessive amounts of mucus, typically in response to at least one or a lot of triggers. These episodes is also triggered by such things as exposure to an environmental stimulant like an substance, environmental tobacco smoke, cold or warm air, perfume, moist air, pollution, exercise or exertion, or emotional stress. It's a heritable condition and is mostly attributed to the interactions of environment and multiple genes. In kids, the most common triggers are viral illnesses like those who cause the common cold.

Sign & Symptoms:
  • Dyspnea (shortness of breath)
  • Desperate need for air, feeling of distress and severe coughing
  • A tightness and breathlessness on physical exertion
  • Stridor
  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
Sanjeevika Swarn Basantmalti is for Bronchial Asthma, Chronic Fever, Protein Energy, Malnutrition in Children and for Generalized Weaknes

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Health Herbal Products in delhi

                                               Buy ayurvedic medicians online in Delhi

DivyaJyoti Foundation is one of the best health care products supplier inDelhi,we provide the sanjeevika Ayurvedic medicines for different diseases, sanjeevika Lipid cure is beneficial for hyperlipidemia and heart ailments.The heart function is that pumps blood all over the body.The heart having right and left sides. Both division separates the oxygen-rich blood from the oxygen-poor blood.The valves in the heart functions as open and close each time you breathe. There are different types of Heart diseases.

The following points helps you to avoid Heart diseases.

  • Maintain a healthy blood pressure.
  • Reduce stress
  • Daily Exercise.
  • Avoid smoking and hot drinks drinking habits
  • Limit your calories 
  • Home remedies to reduce heart Diseases


Ginger helps to reduce the heart disease and use ginger commonly in cooking. This strong flavored root is used in manufacturing of capsule form.Drink ginger tea or coffee it also helpful to reduce head ache. Ginger used treat ailments. It is also reduce the muscle and joint pain. Use of ginger to your daily diet will reduce the risk of heart diseases

Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit is very good medicine for heart disease. use fresh juice extracted from the grape. grapefruit is also helpful to lose weight. Single glass of grapefruit juice will increase the calcium channel blocker amount available in the body.

Green Tea

Yes! Green tea, is another home medicine to reduce the risk of heart problems. The leaves green tea plant are available in capsule or extract form. It is helpful to reduce the mental alertness, weight loss, prevent cancer and lower cholesterol. It contains vitamin K consuming too much of it is not recommended.
Fenugreek Seeds
Fenugreek seeds have been used extensively earlier. The Fenu greek seeds or ground powder is used to treat many ailments including digestive problems, it helps to decrease blood pressure and sugar and lowers cholesterol level. It prevents heart related diseases.
Aloe Vera
The pulp of aloe vera is also called as aloe vera gel. It has so many medicinal values. Diabetes, asthma, arthritis and epilepsy are few ailments that can be cured by having aloe vera. Taking the one pulp of aloe vera everyday can prevent many different kinds of diseases

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