Thursday, November 19, 2015

Buy Ayurvedic Medicines Online in delhi

                                              Ayurvedic medicines in Delhi

Divyajyoti Foundation is one of the Non profit organization.The main branch is located in Delhi and also all over india we provide you  sanjeevika  Ayurvedic medicine sameer pannag ras is helps to cure vatic disorders and facial paralysis and related various diseases you can buy Ayurvedic products online.In our organization we also organize the various programs like meditation,spiritual teachings,bhajans and you can buy our spiritual book online shopping in delhi.

The following some of treatment helps to relive from Facial paralysis

 Biofeedback Treatment : Biofeedback treatment  helps to train your brain to understand and  to control your body. It can help you get facial expression back by maintaining and controlling your facial muscles and  it gives back sensation to your area affected in face.The biofeedback treatment will differ based on your condition, so that you can consult your doctor are specific type of treatment

Physical exercise By daily exercise training to your facial muscles using different exercise techniques, you can get back some of your facial function.From this exercises you can also help relieve from some of related diseases,and also relives from pain. You can consult physical therapy specialist

Get facial massage. Facial massage can help you to get back the function where area affected by Facial paralysis and use some of ayurvedic massage oil. 

 Acupuncture treatment:  In this technique they sticks small needles at some of the specific points in skin. Its helps to stimulate muscles and nerves, it relieves pain it helps to work your brain in your control.

 Relaxation to your Mind.To get refreshment to your mind daily practice of Meditation and yoga helps to relife from tension and it gives the fresh mind set breathing exercise technique it gives the muscle relaxation and also relieves from pain

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