Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Simple Skin Care Tips

What is skincare ?

Skin care is not about becoming beautiful or preventing the signs of aging. It is the  things that you use to maintain your skin healthy and attractive.

Smooth , strengthen and protected skin can avoid sunburns, skin allergies and other  certain health related problems.You feel confident to go about your daily routine.

The best way of taking care of your skin is using natural products which containing natural ingredients.

Things to be considered when buying a skin care products-

  1. Check manufacturing and expiry date of the product.
  2. Go through the manufacturer's details and see the reviews about the product.
  3. Check ingredients used in it. The ingredients will tell you about the product you have the view.

Simple Skincare Tips :

  1. Wash your face all morning use herbal and natural products- Firstly you have to know about your skin type if it is oily, dry or sensitive skin type ,based on that you have to choose skin care products.
  2. Moisturize – Every type of skin need moisturizing. In the morning or during the day time you need to go outside , don't forget to apply sunscreen lotions.
  3. Avoid junk foods, eat healthy food and more fruits ,green leafy vegetables.
  4. Drink more water, 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.
  5. Avoid stress and Get a good night's sleep( 7 to 8 hours )
  6. Use natural ingredients for your face pack. Use aloe vera gel 
  7. When you reach home back from work, wash your face ,you can also use rose water.
  8. Do not smoke . Smoking makes your skin look older.
  9. Use warm water rather than hot water while taking bath or shower. Avoid strong or chemical soaps use mild or natural ingredients soaps.
  10. Remove makeup before going to bed.

If you know more skin care tips ? Feel free to share....

Friday, April 22, 2016

Meditation Tips for Beginners....

Spiritual Books

Meditation will help you to understand your own mind. Meditation gives us better health.

How to do meditation-

Many people worry about where to sit? How to sit? when to start?

Some tips-

  • Choose a convenient time- the hours of sunrise and sunset are best for practice. Better to do it in each morning.
  • Choose a silent place – Peaceful place where you not likely to be disturbed by anyone,.
  • In beginning days just sit for 2 minutes-  start with 2 to 3 minutes a day in a week, after next week increase 2 or 3 minutes, after it goes well just increasing little bit more time.You can start small and get better , better as you practice.If you 're comfortable- Sit cross legged and close your eyes throughout the process.
  • A good time to meditate is before having the food or you can meditate after 2 hours , after having food.
  • After settled,Take a few deep breaths and turn your attention to your breaths, and try to counting your breaths. It leads the mind into a peaceful meditative state.
  • As you come ,end of the meditation, don't open your eyes suddenly, Open your eyes slowly.
  • Just check how you're feeling ? How does your body feel ?

Smile when you are done meditation.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A perfect smile is Priceless...

What is Oral Care ?
Oral care is the practice of protecting clean teeth and healthy gums in order to avoid dental diseases . This habit will help you to protect and prevent from the dental problems.

The condition of your teeth and gums may be affect your overall health system.

Some care instructions -

  • Brush your teeth at least twice daily.
  • Use tooth brush which has medium or soft bristle .
  • Change your toothbrush every 3 month.
  • Stop smoking ,Cigarettes contain nicotine that can cause stains on the surfaces of your teeth.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables , drink milk every day . It can help in order to have healthy gums and teeth.
  • Use mouthwashes or Dental floss 

For Oral Care :

Uses :
* Keep Gum Strong and healthy
* Removes plaque
* Reduce swelling and bleeding
* Refresh mouth

Ingredients :
Tomar , Vayviding , Akhrot Chhal, Akarkara , Sonth, Lavang Oil,  Shudh phitkari ,  Kapoor,  Pippermint  

* Keep Gum Strong and healthy
* Removes plaque
* Reduce swelling and bleeding
* Refresh mouth

Sendha Namak, Tumbru,  Phitkari , Piperament, Loung , Kapoor, Vayvidang , Akhrot, Sonth, Akarkara, Gairik.


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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Benefits and Uses of Neem

Herbal Products

Health Benefits of Neem -

Neem is a tree of mahogany family Meliaceae. It is native to India,Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri-lanka , Malaysia and pakistan. Neem tree is a fast growing and long living tree. Scientific name Azadirachta indica is also known as neem. Neem seeds and leaves used for medicinal purposes.

Uses -

  • Skin care - 
                    It treats the skin infection. Neem seed oil is used in herbal care products( soaps, lotion                         , Neem face wash ,lotion and more). It gives you soft,smooth and glowing skin.

  • Hair care -
                  You can also find neem seed oil in Herbal shampoos ,Washing your hair with neem                              shampoos: It helps to reduce the dandruff and strengthen hair, Controls hair loss and                            premature graying away.

  • Prevents malaria-
                    In Ayurvedic medicine system, neem is used for effective treatment for malaria fever.

  • Keeps bugs away-
                   Gardeners use neem seed oil to keep common plants pests away.

  • Protects teeth and gums against the oral periodontal
  • Gives relief from bad breath.
  • It boosts immune system.

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Aloevera Uses and Benefits: Best way to become healthy

Herbal Products

Aloevera is mainly used for medicinal purpose. Because of its healing or soothing properties it is used in cosmetics.

Red pimples on the skin (acne) : Anti-inflammatory property of aloevera decreases inflammation. When we apply it gently on skin it reduces scars and redness of the pimple.

Soft Skin : By applying aloevera 2 or 3 times in a week makes your skin softer and glowing, it vanishes pigmented spots on face

Digestive Disorders and Acidity : Aloevera gel is used in desserts as it solves digestive disorders. It is rich in amino acids,vitamins, enzymes and minerals. Aloevera juice available in market solves acidity problem and boost immunity power.

Soften Hair : Using aloevera once or twice in a week prevents dandruff, give shiny look to your hair and improves quality of hair.

Skin irritation and wounds : By applying aloevera gel on the minor wounds and burns relieves pain. And heals the effected parts.

Asthma : Leafs of aloevera is best remedy for asthma. One who has asthma can use Boil water with this leaves and breathe in vapor

Blood pressure : It is medically proven that aloevera controls high blood pressure & stabilizes blood sugar.

Weight loss : one who are in diet to weight loss can use aloevera juice. 

Note: Usage of Any medicines daily can cause some side effects. So, It is better to consult doctor before using any methods or study about the product well before using.

If you are not able to maintain plant at home, ready made aloevera juice, gel, shampoo and oil is available in market.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How to reduce hair fall ? Use below tips at home to Reduce Hair loss.

Hair Care Tips:

  • Wash hair with warm water . Keep your hair and scalp clean.
  • Massage your scalp and head region for a few minutes daily ,it will help you strengthen your hair root.
  • Before applying the oil- heat it up(not too hot) and use this oil to scalp massage.
  • Avoid washing hair too frequently.
  • Avoid combing hair when wet, It lead to breakage of hair.
  • Don't select hairstyles that put pressure on hair . It lead to hair loss.
  • Massage slowly your scalp portion it will help blood circulation and helps in re-grow of hair.
  • Practice meditationTrust it or not,In many times, the root cause for hair fall is anxiety and strain. Meditation can help you in reducing stress and tension .

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