Saturday, August 29, 2015

Pure Herbal Products

We offer our range of Pure Herbal Products for its unique features such as safe and secure to use, chemical free and no side effects. Herbs is the part of endless and wonderful variety which nature provides for us. At Divya Jyoti Foundation , We are committed to provide best quality of Sanjeevika Herbal products and provide good services to the customers.

Herbal Products can be made with something which allows an herb to promote in it. Herbal products can include liquids such as Vinegar, Water, Wine and Neutral alcohol. For example, When a Tea bag you put into a hot water, which converts Water into Herbal extract that make Herbal tea as tasty and colored. Some of the herb tea bag do not dissolve in Water, because water will not dissolve the oily, waxy and hormonal content of the herb.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ayurvedic Medicines

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word for the “Science of Life”, originated in India over thousands of years ago. It is a holistic healing system that focuses on individual person's unique mental, physical and emotional balances to prevent illness and promote wellness. Ayurveda is considered as Mother of healing because all other forms of medicines are derived from it.

Ayurveda teaches us to listen and be aware of our own bodies so that each person can care what is necessary to create and maintain the balances of his or her constitution. Ayurveda does not treat disease rather the energetic imbalance causing the disease. It is really more effective in helping those people who are suffering from depression, asthma, digestive disturbances, blood pressure and ulcers.Ayurveda is more helpful in understanding the energetic balances and how to stay healthy and disease-free in life.

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Herbal Health Supplements

You would like to lead your life healthy and naturally? Get to the “root” of the discussion with herbs. Herbal Supplements are nature's way of supporting overall health and well being. At, we offer high quality of herbal and health supplements products at incredible discounts. has an herbal and health solution to fit every need and lifestyle.

Buy natural health and herbal supplements from Divya Jyoti Foundation. Are you confused, which herbal supplements are right for you? Our selection includes top, trusted including nature's way, botanical and our own Sanjeevika brand. Before you buy natural herbal products at DJFoundation, make sure to browse the product information and find out how each product can benefit your body.

Our passion is to provide amazing herbal and ayurvedic products with affordable prices. Our wide collection of Sanjeevika products will make you coming back to for all your health needs.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Health and Wellness Products

Divya Jyoti Foundation offers complete Ayurvedic solutions for different Ayurvedic remedies and herbs. DJFoundation is a true associate, commitment towards the achievement of complete health system.You can also reach to our physicians and get free online consultations. Health issues is a absence of signs and symptoms of diseases and maintained the level of some bio-chemical values.

Under the guidance of Shri. Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, DJFoundation is provided complete dedication to bring the wellness. Complete wellness is not only covers the physical well being of the body and it covers all the physical, psychological and spiritual wellness. All our services are offered by a well qualified team of physicians and experienced in their domain. This makes Divya Jyoti Foundation is different from other websites.The word wellness has been always used in framework of disease where it can reduces the health risks and prevent disease.  

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Ayurvedic Medicines in India

Divya Jyoti Foundation is one of the best online store of Ayurvedic Medicines in India. Ayurvedic Medicines is also called as Ayurveda and it is originated in thousands of years ago. The word “Ayurveda” can split into two words. Ayur which means life and Veda means science or knowledge. So that Ayurveda is called as science of life. Ayurvedic medicines solves health problems.

A primary aim of Sanjeevika ayurvedic medicines is to cleanse the body of substances that can cause disease. This helps to restore the new harmony and it balances the necessary vitamins for the good health. Ayurveda is a one of the important health care system in India. In India, 70% of the people lives in rural areas from that two-third of rural people use Ayurvedic Medicines and they use primary medicinal plants to meet their health care needs. Spice Turmeric, Tropical Shrub and oil can be mainly used to prepare ayurvedic medicines.

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Friday, August 21, 2015


Are you planning to organize a pooja? Or Are you planning to buy Cds and DVDs of Devotional Bhajans? If yes, you can buying devotional DVDs or CD's from the top rated sellers in Bhajans & devotional section on Many of the people love listening a devotional music in the morning, after they wake up. When you organizing a pooja at home or temple, it is always good to arrange music player of devotional songs and bhajans that can create surrounding peoples also to be involved in Pooja. Many of us feel tough to remember the lyrics of devotional songs. This is the reason DVD and CDS of devotional songs can be used.

DivyaJyoti Foundation is a one top books store where you can find DVD's for bhajans, devotional songs and references books in different languages. Buy Devotional DVD's or books with affordable prices. With the help of these books, you can chant mantra while performing pooja at home or in temple. You can disclose the devotional songs and bhajans at any given point of time. Everybody says that education starts from home. Yes, it is true. If you want to help your child about religious, our books will help to learn and increase the knowledge of the religion.

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Herbal Stores Online

Divya Jyoti Foundation is one of the India's leading online herbal store that offers 100% natural, herbal and ayurvedic products. At Divya Jyoti Foundation, we strive to provide you with herbs and spices that are grown in accordance with organic standards. Our company never used chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Our customers enjoy a safe and secure herbal products with confidence and highest quality herbs, spices, capsules, massage oils and health supplements that are available.

We also stand behind the customers to provide 100% quality of herbal products and we want our customers to be satisfied with their purchases. With the tremendous collection of the finest sanjeevika health care and well being ayurvedic products that includes herbal gels and capsules, cough reducing, immunity boosting tonics and so on.

Our products are specially manufactured using the natural herbal extracts that help the body to survive with the demands and pressures of modern lifestyles. If you are looking for a better health and well being products that does not contain any side effects, we invite you to purchase herbal and ayurvedic products in our Herbal Store.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Buy Ayurvedic Medicines Online

Ayurveda is estimated as one of the world largest healing system in which natural plants have been a crucial part in our daily life. According to Ayurveda, health and wellness are maintained when your mind, soul and body are in harmony and any kind of disturbance in the harmony can lead to bad health and sickness. Reasons that are responsible for the health issues, based on the birth defects, injuries and ageing.

Ayurvedic Medicines is one of the best choice to deal with such kind of problems. Herbs balance your mind, body and soul and gives a peaceful relief, to promote good health and endurance. In our Ayurvedic Medicines Store, you can find or buy online all types of health supplements in the form of capsules, gel, tablets, syrup, creams and oil. These herbal products we manufactured and supplying in the name of Sanjeevika.

Our Sanjeevika products act as ayurvedic remedies that helps you to deal with related problems such as skin, hair, mind, muscles, hormones, joints and it covers the overall health. In our online store, you can choose our range of ayurvedic and herbal products and improve your health and stay fit and naturally.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ayurvedic Medicines in India

DJFoundation is one of the largest ayurvedic medicines manufacturer and suppliers in India. Ayurvedic medicines is one of the world's oldest holistic medical systems. It is developed thousands of years ago in India and it remains as one of the world's traditional health care systems. Ayurvedic medicines uses varieties of health care products and practices. These are made from combination of herbs, minerals and metals.

We offer all types of traditional ayurvedic products like herbs, essential oils, moisturizer , health care, personal care etc. All over the world, we exports ayurvedic products to many countries and millions of peoples are satisfied with our products. The primary focus of ayurvedic products is to promote good health rather than fight disease. Health and Wellness is depend on the balances between the mind, body and spirit.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Natural Products

Divya Jyoti Foundation is one of the major manufacturer, supplier and exporters of Natural products and Ayurvedic Medicines in the Indian Market. DJFoundation specializes in various types of natural products such as Skin care, Oral Care, Hair Care and Ayurvedic Medicines. Our aim is to provide good quality Health Supplements and beverages that provide to access healthy products at an affordable prices.

All our Health Care products demanded across the globe for their efficiency. With the growing general awareness from traditional way to modern treatment, our products gives the importance of Ayurvedic and Natural products.

Benefits of Sanjeevika Health care Products.....
  • Supply only the finest 100% natural products
  • Encourage Health Diets
  • No side effects
  • No chemicals
  • Affordable Prices
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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ayurvedic hair growth

More and More people are turning towards Ayurvedic hair oil  for their hair loss problem. Hair loss can be embarrassing and hamper one’s self esteem and confidence. When treated early hair loss can be reduced and even stopped completely.
Ayurvedic believes that hair fall control is very much associated to the body type and also the stability of your mind-body structure. Ayurvedic considers the hair as by product for bone formation. The tissues which are responsible for formation of bones are also responsible for your hair growth.Hair fall is considered to be a problem of pitta dosha in Ayurvedic and excess of Bhringraj oil in the body is the chief cause of hair problems.. Ayurvedic hair loss treatment measures are known for their effectiveness. Usually the Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss includes diet, meditation, yoga, and yes, we cannot forget medicated herbal oil massage.
As hair fall is considered a problem of Bhringraj oil, you need to identify the bad eating habits that are contributing to the increase of pitta in your body.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Health Care Products Suppliers

In today's life, most of the people concentrating on their health as well as looks. This is the main reason behind the growth and popularity of health and herbal products in India. If you are a purchaser and looking for reputable health care suppliers, this blog will surely help you to find out the company of your expecting products.

Divya JyotiFoundation is one of the leading health care product suppliers in India. Our company is manufacturing and supplying of standardized sanjeevika herbal extracts and herbal health care products which are tested, effective, safe and persistent. Our range of products obtained after an extensive range research and experimentation on the herbal and health care products.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Organic Health Care Products

Divya Jyoti Foundation is one of the best manufacturer, supplier and exporters of Organic Health Care Products, Herbal Supplements and Ayurvedic Medicines and so on. Our products are manufacturing in the name of Sanjeevika and under the guidance of Shri. Ashutosh MaharajJi. Sanjeevika products are of the highest quality and marketed all over the world. These Sanjeevika Organic Health Care Products are continuously being developed and expanded to the address where various health needs.

We maintained the commitment towards the development and exporting to provide all type of product services through organic agriculture. To maintain and create high value manufacturing standards, we merged so many years of cutting edge technologies. To confirm to the highest value of manufacturing standards. Divya Jyoti Foundation has designed and developed unique processing methods and advanced organic technologies so they can remain true to their commitment to offer only the highest quality organic products.

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Health Herbal Products

Divya Jyoti Foundation is one of the most trusted suppliers of Sanjeevika Herbal Health care products in India. We take pride in foundation of our name by offering an exceptional level of caring, and respect and customer service for our valuable customers. In fact, DJFoundation is the world's largest company of its kind devoted exclusively to help our customers to improve the quality of herbal products. As our company growing, our commitment with customers to living well.

Divya Jyoti foundation sets the standard in the herbal supplements industry by demanding truth in labeling, secure ingredients and product efficiency, these all are cutting edge of natural health care science. Our knowledgeable and experience staff provide finest quality and innovative natural and organic products. We make sure that we only providing the best quality inspection to our customers.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Herbal Care Products

Divya Jyoti Foundation is one of the best supplier and manufacturer of Health Care Products in India. Herbal Health Care products are made of various plants and plants can extracts which are proved and tested from so many years. According to the World health organization, currently more than 70% of the people are using the natural health care products.

Advantages of Natural Health Care Products:
  • Natural Herbal Products are effective, safe and no side effects.
  • Herbal Products covers all the supplements such as, Personal Care, Health Care, Oral Care, Hair Care and so on.
  • Herbal Products cheaper than Synthetic Medications.
  • Herbal Products considered as food supplements not medications and they don't need prescription.
  • Herbal Products balances the regular body system, thus it promoting overall wellness.
Thus, We offers Sanjeevika Natural Health Care products to retain all of the above features. Moreover, the effectiveness and reliability of our herbal products increased the use of herbal products all over the world. 

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Monday, August 3, 2015


Meditation is a practice in which individual person is to focus 100% of attention in one place and make mind as peaceful to reach next level of the meditation. You can do meditation anywhere and at any time but concentrating on your mind plays very important role in the meditation. It allow you access Divya Jyoti Foundation will introduce you to the basics of meditation that enables you to begin your journey at right direction. Meditation is a art of focusing your concentration engaged in your work. For beginners meditation is very difficult for the first time. Daily practice, increase the next level of your confidence and concentration on the path.

Practical Tips for quiet your mind

1.  Make meditation as a daily practice
2.  Start mediation with breathing- this focuses the mind
3.  Stretching loosens and muscles allows you sit comfortably
4.  Feel your body parts, this shows that you are in the right direction.

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Pure Herbal Products

DJFoundation has established Pure Natural Herbal Products in India. Through our knowledge of modern science and traditional herbs to produce high quality of Sanjeevika herbal products. Herbal products are prepared by using basic ingredients provided in the reference of traditional natural products. 

DJFoundation is one of the best manufacturer supplier and exporters of Sanjeevika health care products. Our motive is to raise the standard general awareness advantages of the herbal, ayurvedic and organic products all over the world. All our herbal products are purely natural and does not contain any side effects.

Our range of herbal products includes:
  • Capsules
  • Soaps and Shampoo
  • Massage Oil
  • Moisturizing cream
  • Oral Care
  • Skin Care
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