Monday, December 21, 2015

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Divya Jyoti foundation is non profit organization,main branch is located in Delhi. We are the best Health care products supplier in Delhi we also provide sanjeevika ayurvedic  health care and personal care products to cure various kinds of diseases. sanjeevika Amla hair oil is beneficial for healthy and strong hair growth and it also prevents the premature graying of can buy our health herbal products in Delhi through online. 

Some of the healthy foods that prevents the hair loss are fallows:

Strawberry: Strawberries is rich in silica. Silica is a plays main role for hair strengthening and hair growth.other than strawberry some of foods rich in silica are cucumber,cauliflower,oats,onion, cabbage,rice.

Yogurt : Yogurt is contains Vitamin D and Vitamin B5 that promotes  hair follicle health. you can also apply yogurt as hair mask  weekly once or twice.

Vitamin C helps to absorb iron content in our body.The lack of deficiency of vitamin c may lead to hair loss. Vitamin C having antioxidant properties it avoids the hair damage caused due to free radicals use of some fruits like papaya,lime orange and kiwi fruits  vitamin c also produces the protein called collagen and it also give strength  to blood vessels.

Spinach: Spinach is a rich with iron, vitamin C and A.Deficiency of iron in our body causes hair fall. It contains sebum it acts as conditioner for hair it also provides some essential contents like omega-3 potassium,calcium,magnesium and iron.

Sweet potatoes and Carrots: Include carrots in your daily diet for  long and lustrous locks. It also very good for eyes it provides vitamin A to your body it helps for hair growth and sweet potatoes are rich with beta-carotene helps for strong and healthy growth of hair.

Dairy products and Eggs: cheese, milk, yogurt and eggs are rich with  required nutrients and proteins like iron,vitamin B12,zinc,omega  6 fatty acids and dairy products are rich with vitamin B7.

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