Thursday, November 19, 2015

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Divyajyoti Foundation is one of the spiritual organization.The main brach is located in Delhi and also all over india. we provide you  sanjeevika  Ayurvedic medicine, sanjeevika Aloevera juice is Enriched with minerals and Nutrients and it gives refreshing and rejuvenating it increases the energy levels detoxifies and builds immunity you can buy ayurvedic medicine online in delhi.In our organization we also organize the various programs like meditation,spiritual teachings,bhajans and you can buy our organic health care products in Delhi

The health benefits of Aloevera is given below

1. Avoid the heart burn Hyper acidity is a digestive system disorder it results in heartburn symptoms . Use of aloe vera daily 1 to 3 times at mealtimes it reduce the  acidity problem and also decreases digestion-related problems. Aloe vera lowers the toxicity this is one the best home remedy.

2. Aloevera Gel coating on fruits and vegetables keeps bacteria away. In recent research an aloe vera gel coating on vegetables plants like tomato and other plants  it avoids the harmful bacteria.this experiment is done on apples fruit also, aloe gel helps to keep vegetables and fruits fresh and longer without  use of toxic chemicals.

3.Aloevera can be used as mouthwash the recent 2014 research says  aloe vera is safe and effective to use as mouth washer compare to other chemical products. Aloevera is enriched with vitamin C,  it avoids the plaque and also gives the relief from bleeding or swelling gums.

4. Helps to control the Blood sugar.Aloe vera helps for people who suffering from blood sugar diabetes it lowers the sugar level in Blood. Daily consuming of  two tablespoons of aloe vera juice it results in decrease of sugar level in blood sugar patients  which means it is good medicine for diabetes treatment.

7.Aloe vera fights against breast cancer causing cells.Aloe-emodin in aloe vera leaves,it slow down the spreading of breast cancer cells.  Currently Research is going to investigate aloe vera may helps to reduce other types of cancerous cell.

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