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Meditation is one of the powerful technique to reduce the stress on your mind from our Divya Jyoti Foundation we organize the meditation programs.our team to give you more information regarding the meditation that is ,how to meditate to keep your mind stress or tension free and we also teaches some different kinds of meditation techniques to get the health benefits.

An common people may think meditation as a prayer or worshiping god.But actual meaning of Meditation is awareness.Anything if you do with awareness is meditation. For example "concentrating on your breath" is meditation; hearing any one of sounds continuously with out distraction is meditation.Meditation works effectively only you are free from any other distraction.If you meditate in early morning time it is very useful because morning time environment is very calm and peaceful.

Some meditation key points

  • Meditation is very good practice it reduces the stress in mind and it has a capacity to improve the life style quality and decrease cost of health care.
  • To practice meditation we need not any efforts but if you not concentrate properly on one point while doing mediation it  leads to ‘thoughtless awareness’.it is causes to produces  the excessive stress  during meditation and mind neutralizes without decreasing the effectiveness or alertness.
  • Authentic type of meditation helps to focus on the present situation rather than past or undetermined future.
  • There is only small quality of difference to evident  for comparing one type of meditation technique with another type of meditation with stress relaxation techniques.
  • The meditation helps to release some catecholamines and reduces stress hormones it results to increase parasympathetic activity.

  • It changes the quality of life style outcomes
  •  psychoneuroimmunology activity will increases and it reduces the stress  
  • It reduce the healthcare cost
  • Meditation helps to improve the mental stability and reduces the stress on your mind and you can lead healthy, tension free and calm life
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