Friday, November 27, 2015

Herbal Products

Divya jyoti Foundation is one of the spiritual organization we organize the spiritual classes to teach about the spiritual life and also we conduct the bhajans and meditation program from our organization we provide sanjeevika ayurvedic medicines and health herbal products.  Herbal products are very useful to keep our body healthy some of the herbs having many medicinal values for example basil leave.

The various herbs having different health benefits basil or tulasi leaves having more medicinal and nutritional value and consume of basil leave daily it helps to fight against bacteria and infections,provides more immunity power to body.

Tulsi helps to cure the following diseases:

  • Cures Fever
  • Maintain the sugar level
  • Protect the heart from heart attacks
  • Fight against the cancerous cells
  • Reduces the headache
  • Helpful to keep your skin healthy and glowing
  • Fights against the respiratory problems

Cures a fever: Tulsi acts like anti-bacterial and anti-biotic this property is useful to reduce fever. It has the ability to cure different types of fever.If you suffering from fever prepare tulsi leave decoction and add some of cardomom powder and we should take tulsi and cardamom 1:0.3 proportion and add sugar and milk to decoction then have this mixture sip two or three hour once it reduces the fever it is very effective remedy for children's

Maintains the sugar level: The antioxidants and essential oils  contain in tulsi it produces the  eugenol, methyl eugenol and caryophyllene these substances helps to produce the pancreatic beta cells these cells releases the insulin and also it stores this functional property helps to lower or maintain the blood sugar level in sugar patients. 

Protect the heart from heart attacks:Protect the heart from heart attacks The Eugenol compound present in basil leave it protects the heart by controlling and maintaining the blood pressure and it reduces the fats content daily chewing of some of basil leaves in the morning empty stomach prevent and protect any heart ailments.

Fight against the cancerous cells: anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogenic feature tulsi fights against breast cancer and oral cancer due to over consume of tobacco. tulsi restrict the blood flow in tumour cells and attacks the blood vessels supply of blood. 

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