Tuesday, December 1, 2015


                                                    About spiritual life

The spiritual Bhajans program organized by Divya jyoti foundation   this is the best opportunity hear spiritual bhajans of lord  Krishna, the Supreme Personality of krishna. The Katha started a commendable beginning with the recitation of Vedic hymns in Sanskrit to make positive environment.then lamp lightening assembly, and other worship programs held by our Chief Guests and spiritual bhajans preachers during the event.

Lord Krishna showed the blissful knowledge of 'Brahm Gyan' which is  essential for one to become socially and morally responsible. This knowledge is impressed in a human the feelings of kindness and humanity that finally leads them towards the safe and welfare of society. The modern world also wants the refreshment of this excellent technique to set free from evils and reaches the stage of social transformation.

In Brahm Gyan Lord Krishna said “Vasudhev Kutumbakam”. The statement is not all about a inner peace and cooperation among the societies in the world, but also about teaches about the truth that changes the whole world has to survive together like a good family. This reason tells about why Hindus religions think that any power in this world, big or small not having its own way, by ignoring others.

Practical examples shows the importance of spirituality and its connection with our daily life. People learn insight into how to resolve the problems of personal and social concern through the spiritual teachings of the our Management Guru of all times, Lord Krishna.

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