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The Lord then gave an explicit command-yathaayatanam pravishat pravishat iti-meaning,lookout for a suitable place in this body according to your merit,and make an entry into it.

In our spiritual books the story oratorically explains in simple terms,and makes one understand that the living beings did not originate merely by chance or due to the blows of the forces of nature,as articulated by Darwin.Nature just provided suitable conditions for the birth and growth of the living beings.But the systematic evolution of the living beings could happen only with  the grace of the supreme-Consciousness,the Lord.This series of evolution continued without intermission till the creation of the human body.On the whole ,the role of the supreme consciousness is of paramount importance in the process of evolution.

In the Taittiriya Upanishad,the great sages have explained this process of evolution in a peculiar style -through the medium of 'panchakoshas.'The evolution of the panchakoshas one after another is in fact the journey of the evolution of the cosmos.

The first kosha is 'Annamaya'.It is manifested when the materialization of the consciousness in nature occurs in the world of the flora, is revealed in trees,creepers and medicinal plants.

The second kosha 'praanamaya' is revealed through the creation of insects,moths and the birds and consciousness materialized through them

At the third stage,the upward spiral of the soul-force becomes more powerful and a speedy development take place.Here,the 'mind' is materialised. At this level,the animal-kingdom and the human beings' find their place.This refers to the progressive state of Consciousness known as ' Manomaya Kosha'.Buy our online spiritual books in chandgigarh.

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