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online shopping ayurvedic products

online shopping ayurvedic products
DivyaJyoti Foundation is one of the spiritual oraganization in Delhi,From our organization we provide you the best Ayurvedic medicine in india.Our Sanjeevika ayurvedic medicine is very effective for different kind of diseases From you can Buy Ayurvedic products online.

The word "ayurveda" derived by combining the sanskrit words ayur (life) and veda (science or knowledge).The meaning of ayurveda is “The science of life”.In ayurveda health is defined as the soundness of manas (mind), sarira (body) and atman (self). Each of these is very important be nurtured to have good health.

Ayurveda in its real meaning is a philosophy, a way of life and a science of health and healing care. Ayurvedic medicines are prepared using natural ingredients like plants, minerals etc. and ensures a physical and mental health and has no side effects at all. It is non invasive and non toxic and can be safely used to treat number of medical conditions.

Due to popularity and increased demand of these products, these products are available under variety of brand names. In addition, medicines for variety of health conditions are available, including but not limited to: acidity, anemia, hair care, cholesterol, heart disease, joint pain, skin problems, obesity and many more. 

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Ayurvedic medicines manufacturers

DjFoundation is the the best Ayurvedic medicines manufactures in india. Ayurveda is the oldest, eternal term which is used by every Indian's. Ayurveda is regarded as the mother of medicines. When we talk about Ayurveda, Djfoundation is the eye ball of top Ayurvedic Medicines Manufacturer in Indian online market. We are one of the top ayurvedic manfacturer companies in india. Djfoundation provides the best ayurvedic medicines and herbal product to vanished all the pains suffered by the people. Djfoundation is presently manufacturing more than 500 Ayurvedic medicines and preparations. The Djfoundation is the Ayurvedic medicines supplier in India. It has more than 50 patents to its name. The group also manufactures food and health products. Djfoundation Ayurveda maintains the ethic of Ayurved and prepares the products very sincerely by strict quality control by testing both raw material and as well as finished products. Ayurveda cures many cases than any other method of treatment. It has effective methods for curing any type of disease. Djfoundation provides varied medicines to fight with various diseases. A well equipped G.M.P certified Laboratory is establish and qualified technical persons and Vaidya come together with their experience and started new R & D to formulate new products for different diseases.With the results so many patent and proprietory Ayurvedic Medicines were developed and such herbal formulations are approved by the Government for the use of human beings. The R & D department of djfoundation is working with new approach for providing such Ayurvedic medicines which will help the mankind. Djfoundation brings out top ayurvedic products in india. We provide ayurvedic products according to the Age Group. The group provided Ayurvedic Medicines to infants. We consider that the infants are too delicate to treat with hard medicines that are why the organization recommended medicines to them. As we also know that Ayurvedic Medicines are safest approach to deal with diseases and treat them harmlessly. Djfoundation is the leading AyurvedicMedicines manufacture in india. Djfoundation contributes not only in medicines online but also cater in herbal products. They are the noted Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacture in India. We feel proud to conception with such kind of philosophy of natural sciences with the platform of Latest technology of sciences. People realizes with the capacity of our natural healing ayurvedic medicines. Djfoundation deals with the problems like Ameobic Dysentary, Anemia, Angina Pectoris, Cardiotonics, Children- Diseases, Digestive and Carminative, Dermatological Dysuria, Eczema, Elephantiasis,etc.

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Buy Ayurvedic Medicines Online

Buy Ayurvedic Medicines Online
Ayurveda is one of the oldest science that we know. Ayurveda has helped millions of people to live better life with good health. Ayurveda medicines are considered as the most safest medicine with no side effects. That is the key reason why Ayurveda Medicines are getting popular day by day.

Earlier people in India used to consume Ayurveda Medicine but later when poeple in other countries tried these medicine and when they too saw the benefits of Ayurveda, people started accepting Ayurveda more and more. Nowadays Ayurveda is popular across the globe.

With the internet, now purchasing ayurvedic medicine is very simple. Now you can buy online ayurvedic medicine products in India. In this article, we are sharing some useful tips to buy online ayurvedic medicine products online.

Which Brand is Good? Before purchasing any ayurvedic medicine products, check the brand it belongs to. Aurvedic medicine are definitely good however, all brands are not good.

Buy ayurvedic medicines from trusted brands only. If you are not sure about the brand, you can search for the brand reviews online. You can check brand's website as well; to know more about brand. When it comes to medicine and your health, do not compromise with quality.

What are Key Ingredients? A very important thing that many people miss is; check key ingredients. You can compare ingredients of the same medicine by two different brands as well.

Is it the right medicine? Before you make a purchase, research about that medicine online. These days people use and write reviews on the internet. You can check for the reviews of that medicine online. Also check about the effectiveness of that medicine online.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Simple Skin Care Tips

What is skincare ?

Skin care is not about becoming beautiful or preventing the signs of aging. It is the  things that you use to maintain your skin healthy and attractive.

Smooth , strengthen and protected skin can avoid sunburns, skin allergies and other  certain health related problems.You feel confident to go about your daily routine.

The best way of taking care of your skin is using natural products which containing natural ingredients.

Things to be considered when buying a skin care products-

  1. Check manufacturing and expiry date of the product.
  2. Go through the manufacturer's details and see the reviews about the product.
  3. Check ingredients used in it. The ingredients will tell you about the product you have the view.

Simple Skincare Tips :

  1. Wash your face all morning use herbal and natural products- Firstly you have to know about your skin type if it is oily, dry or sensitive skin type ,based on that you have to choose skin care products.
  2. Moisturize – Every type of skin need moisturizing. In the morning or during the day time you need to go outside , don't forget to apply sunscreen lotions.
  3. Avoid junk foods, eat healthy food and more fruits ,green leafy vegetables.
  4. Drink more water, 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.
  5. Avoid stress and Get a good night's sleep( 7 to 8 hours )
  6. Use natural ingredients for your face pack. Use aloe vera gel 
  7. When you reach home back from work, wash your face ,you can also use rose water.
  8. Do not smoke . Smoking makes your skin look older.
  9. Use warm water rather than hot water while taking bath or shower. Avoid strong or chemical soaps use mild or natural ingredients soaps.
  10. Remove makeup before going to bed.

If you know more skin care tips ? Feel free to share....

Friday, April 22, 2016

Meditation Tips for Beginners....

Spiritual Books

Meditation will help you to understand your own mind. Meditation gives us better health.

How to do meditation-

Many people worry about where to sit? How to sit? when to start?

Some tips-

  • Choose a convenient time- the hours of sunrise and sunset are best for practice. Better to do it in each morning.
  • Choose a silent place – Peaceful place where you not likely to be disturbed by anyone,.
  • In beginning days just sit for 2 minutes-  start with 2 to 3 minutes a day in a week, after next week increase 2 or 3 minutes, after it goes well just increasing little bit more time.You can start small and get better , better as you practice.If you 're comfortable- Sit cross legged and close your eyes throughout the process.
  • A good time to meditate is before having the food or you can meditate after 2 hours , after having food.
  • After settled,Take a few deep breaths and turn your attention to your breaths, and try to counting your breaths. It leads the mind into a peaceful meditative state.
  • As you come ,end of the meditation, don't open your eyes suddenly, Open your eyes slowly.
  • Just check how you're feeling ? How does your body feel ?

Smile when you are done meditation.

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A perfect smile is Priceless...

What is Oral Care ?
Oral care is the practice of protecting clean teeth and healthy gums in order to avoid dental diseases . This habit will help you to protect and prevent from the dental problems.

The condition of your teeth and gums may be affect your overall health system.

Some care instructions -

  • Brush your teeth at least twice daily.
  • Use tooth brush which has medium or soft bristle .
  • Change your toothbrush every 3 month.
  • Stop smoking ,Cigarettes contain nicotine that can cause stains on the surfaces of your teeth.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables , drink milk every day . It can help in order to have healthy gums and teeth.
  • Use mouthwashes or Dental floss 

For Oral Care :

Uses :
* Keep Gum Strong and healthy
* Removes plaque
* Reduce swelling and bleeding
* Refresh mouth

Ingredients :
Tomar , Vayviding , Akhrot Chhal, Akarkara , Sonth, Lavang Oil,  Shudh phitkari ,  Kapoor,  Pippermint  

* Keep Gum Strong and healthy
* Removes plaque
* Reduce swelling and bleeding
* Refresh mouth

Sendha Namak, Tumbru,  Phitkari , Piperament, Loung , Kapoor, Vayvidang , Akhrot, Sonth, Akarkara, Gairik.


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Benefits and Uses of Neem

Herbal Products

Health Benefits of Neem -

Neem is a tree of mahogany family Meliaceae. It is native to India,Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri-lanka , Malaysia and pakistan. Neem tree is a fast growing and long living tree. Scientific name Azadirachta indica is also known as neem. Neem seeds and leaves used for medicinal purposes.

Uses -

  • Skin care - 
                    It treats the skin infection. Neem seed oil is used in herbal care products( soaps, lotion                         , Neem face wash ,lotion and more). It gives you soft,smooth and glowing skin.

  • Hair care -
                  You can also find neem seed oil in Herbal shampoos ,Washing your hair with neem                              shampoos: It helps to reduce the dandruff and strengthen hair, Controls hair loss and                            premature graying away.

  • Prevents malaria-
                    In Ayurvedic medicine system, neem is used for effective treatment for malaria fever.

  • Keeps bugs away-
                   Gardeners use neem seed oil to keep common plants pests away.

  • Protects teeth and gums against the oral periodontal
  • Gives relief from bad breath.
  • It boosts immune system.

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Aloevera Uses and Benefits: Best way to become healthy

Herbal Products

Aloevera is mainly used for medicinal purpose. Because of its healing or soothing properties it is used in cosmetics.

Red pimples on the skin (acne) : Anti-inflammatory property of aloevera decreases inflammation. When we apply it gently on skin it reduces scars and redness of the pimple.

Soft Skin : By applying aloevera 2 or 3 times in a week makes your skin softer and glowing, it vanishes pigmented spots on face

Digestive Disorders and Acidity : Aloevera gel is used in desserts as it solves digestive disorders. It is rich in amino acids,vitamins, enzymes and minerals. Aloevera juice available in market solves acidity problem and boost immunity power.

Soften Hair : Using aloevera once or twice in a week prevents dandruff, give shiny look to your hair and improves quality of hair.

Skin irritation and wounds : By applying aloevera gel on the minor wounds and burns relieves pain. And heals the effected parts.

Asthma : Leafs of aloevera is best remedy for asthma. One who has asthma can use Boil water with this leaves and breathe in vapor

Blood pressure : It is medically proven that aloevera controls high blood pressure & stabilizes blood sugar.

Weight loss : one who are in diet to weight loss can use aloevera juice. 

Note: Usage of Any medicines daily can cause some side effects. So, It is better to consult doctor before using any methods or study about the product well before using.

If you are not able to maintain plant at home, ready made aloevera juice, gel, shampoo and oil is available in market.

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How to reduce hair fall ? Use below tips at home to Reduce Hair loss.

Hair Care Tips:

  • Wash hair with warm water . Keep your hair and scalp clean.
  • Massage your scalp and head region for a few minutes daily ,it will help you strengthen your hair root.
  • Before applying the oil- heat it up(not too hot) and use this oil to scalp massage.
  • Avoid washing hair too frequently.
  • Avoid combing hair when wet, It lead to breakage of hair.
  • Don't select hairstyles that put pressure on hair . It lead to hair loss.
  • Massage slowly your scalp portion it will help blood circulation and helps in re-grow of hair.
  • Practice meditationTrust it or not,In many times, the root cause for hair fall is anxiety and strain. Meditation can help you in reducing stress and tension .

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Ayurvedic Medicines in Bangalore

Sanjeevika ayurvedic medicines are beneficial many diseases sanjeevika shothari is beneficial for liver and odema diseases. Cirrhosis is one kind of liver disease where liver works slowly. It constantly replaces the healthy liver tissues with scar tissues.So that it results  improperly  because of the flow of blood from liver gets obstructed. Mean while, the liver reduces its size. The major symptoms of liver disease include nausea, indigestion and vomiting.

Home Remedies to avoid the liver problems

 Papaya Seeds- Lemon Juice for liver diseases.

•  papaya  seeds powder- 1 tbsp
• Lemon juice- 2 table spoons

  •   Place the crushed papaya seeds into a filter and extract its juice.
  •  mix lemon juice with juice of crushed papaya seeds.
  • Have this mixture twice a day for one month.

Butter milk to reduce the liver problem:


  • Take one glass of Butter milk
  • Take 1 tsp of cumin seeds

  • Take cumin powder with butter milk
  • Mix well and then have this butter milk daily twice

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Online Herbal store in Bangalore

Divya jyoti foundation main branch is located in Delhi,we manufacture the Ayurvedic medicines for various diseases.Our organization is located all over India,sanjeevika provides  a both health care and personal care products. We also provide Online herbal store products in Bangalore,Delhi.

Sanjeevika Neem face wash acts like a

  • Natural Skin Cleanser 
  •  For Normal & Oily Skin
  • Non greasy & Fights acne 
  •  Hydrates & Restores Moisture
  •  Enriched with Neem & Vitamin E
  •   Antiseptic, Antibacterial & Antiviral

Some of the benefits of Neem for skin:

The Neem leaves moisturizes the skin and it keeps your skin soft and flexible. They are useful for lightening scars and it causes the pigmentation because of   acne and scabies.If your face have pimples, apply the neem leaf decoction. Neem leaves can be used to treat minor wounds.It also cures the some of infections caused by virus and bacteria.Add turmeric powder with neem paste then apply it on your body. You can use this regularly for 3 months for healthy skin.

Boil a cup of water then add some neem leaves boil the water until the leaves becomes soft and water turns green color.Store it in a bottle,then Add some  of this mixture in to water while taking bath regularly bathing.It fights against acne, infection and also body odor.

Neem leaves also acts like a toner. Use Neem leaves water mixture you Just dip a cotton ball in neem water and wipe your face with it overnight. This will also black heads. You can rinse your hair in Neem water to  treat dandruff and hair fall

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Health Care Products Suppliers

Divya Jyoti Foundation provides the sanjeevika health care products,We are the well known as best Health care product suppliers .Sanjeeviaka Amla juice  having more health benefits Amla is also called as Indian Gooseberry,amla is rich with vitamin-C content.

Amla improves food absorption, maintains the stomach acid, strengthen the liver, it nourishes the brain function, It reduces the problem the heart, strengthens the lungs, regulates elimination of free radicals, enhances fertility.

Amla benefits for caring Hair 

Amla is used for so many hair oils and tonics because it is rich with hair growth pigmentation. It gives more strength to roots of hair,Gives good color, and  enhance the luster. Daily intake of fresh amla or if you apply amla paste to hair  roots it improves hair growth and color

Amla helps to keep your Eye healthy

Drinking sanjeevika Amla juice with honey it helps for improvement of eyesight, and many studies have proved that it  improves short sight complications , to reduce the intra-ocular tension.

Metabolic Activity of Amla

If  you practice the eating of food that having high protein content is  most important to maintain the good health.The proteins that are present in amla helps to balance your body’s metabolic activities.It enzymes present in our body that breakdowns the proteins into  amino acids and represent the usable proteins for our body.


Amla juice contains chromium, which has a beneficial value for diabetic or sugar patients. Amla juice stimulates the searches the group of cells then it secrete the insulin hormone in the body, so that it reduces the blood sugar in diabetic patients 

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Herbal Care Products

Divya Jyoti Foundation provides Sanjeevika Moisturizing cream it is made up of Aloe vera and Rose extracts it helps for Nourishing and moisturizing the skin and it keeps the skin healthy.Divya Jyoti foundation also provide you some of the herbal care products,Organic health care products in Delhi,Bangalore and Chandigarh.From our online shopping website you can Buy ayurvedic medicine online in Delhi.

Benefits of Rose and Aloe vera for Moisturizing the skin are given below:

Moisturizing: The natural oils present in roses helpful to lock moisture content in skin, It keeps your skin smooth. Rose is specially beneficial for those who having the sensitive skin why because the sugars content present in the petals of rose give you soothing effect.

Antioxidants properties of Rose:have high extent of vitamin C, a  strong antioxidant. This is more important vitamin that can helps your skin from damage, example is remain out in the sun too long. Some documents even suggest that rose water can help to prevent sunburn.

Aloe vera helps you to avoid the Premature Sign Of Aging

  • In some cases the fine lines and Wrinkles will appears in premature age. But, other aspect may assist how naturally the aloe vera works.Daily apply of Aloe vera gel that prevents signs of aging.
  • To moisturize the skin you can apply the aloe vera moisturizing pack that must be made up of aloe vera,oatmeal and olive oil, it makes your skin softer and smoother.
  • Add all the necessary ingredients in to a small bowl, and then mix all the ingredients to make smooth paste.
  • Apply this mixture on full face and neck keep it at least on for 30 minutes,then wash your face with cold water.
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Health Care Products Suppliers in Bangalore

Health Care Products Suppliers in delhi

Divya Jyoti Foundation Manufactures the herbal care products and health and wellness products which helps to keep your body healthy. Sanjeevika tanu-amrit helps to reduce the  obesity & flatulence.We organize the Ayurvedic health check up events and also meditation classes that helps to keep your mind stress less,Bhajans programs also helps to keep your mind with good spiritual thought.

Lemon juice works effectively to reduce the obesity. It improves and also maintains digestion problems caused due to detoxification.

  • Take three teaspoons of lemon juice,and mix one spoon of honey, and one-half teaspoon of black pepper powder mix all the content.
  • Drink this mixture daily morning with empty stomach try this remedy daily at least three months.

Raw, apple cider vinegar works more effectively to loss the weight.home remedy to reduce excess weight. 
  • Add two teaspoons apple cider vinegar in water.Take daily in  morning time before can add lemon juice as additional content

Green tea is most popular and natural remedy to reduce weight loss.

  • Green tea is contains  nutrients like vitamin C, zinc, chromium,minerals and selenium carotenoids, and some other essential minerals.You can add some of cayenne pepper with ginger tea into it
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Herbal Stores Online

Divya Jyoti Foundation Manufactures Sanjeevika Personal care products and Health care products.We also provide the complete ayurvedic medicines,we organize the Meditation,Bhajans and spiritual classes from our organization all over India.From djfoundation You can Buy Ayurvedic products online in Delhi,Bangalore.

 Sanjeevika bhringraj Hair oil 

  • Stimulates hair growth  
  •  Extends the life cycle of hair  
  • Avoids the premature graying 
  • It restores the strength of hair

Some of the Benefits of Bhringraj Herbs benefits.

  • The perfect way to use bhringraj  herbs or oil for hair .Sanjeevika bhringraj oil has awesome hair benefits. It avoids hair fall, strengthens, premature graying of hair roots, It acts like a conditioner for hair,It prevents split ends and activates hair growth,forbid baldness, alopecia
  • Bhringraj extracts have been very effective for promoting new hair generation,To prepare the hair pack, take the fresh bhringraj leaves, grind the leaves of bhringraj paste along by adding little  amount of yogurt and apply this mixture to the scalp.leave this mixture at-least 15 minutes then wash it off.
  • Bhringraj is also used as  liver tonic. bhringraj works effectively for treating liver diseases. We giving more importance to eat junk food nowadays, compared to our older generation.Daily intake of junk food has been mass that gives only a taste.
  •  Bhringraj leaves treats greatly for treating skin related diseases. Bhringraj juice it gives good results for treating cracked heels, some of skin allergies
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Pure Herbal Products in delhi

Divya Jyoti Foundation is Manufactures Sanjeevika ayurvedic products, we  provide the Pure herbal products in Delhi, health and wellness products. sanjeevika Amla juice is beneficial for health it decreases so many health issues and it fights against the virus and bacteria and builds the immunity power.

Amla is also called as Indian Gooseberry is a good and great natural fruit ,Amla is available more in India,You can yield this fruit in winter season. you can use  and  store this for  regular use in all the seasons.In Ayurveda amla is used  to prepare many medicines. Amla having lot of vitamins, nutrients, Iron, minerals  and etc.

Amla is Rich in Vitamin C
  • Amla having more source of vitamin C in it.

It improves the Immunity Power
  • It boost the immunity power and it gives good results if you use regularly.
  • Amla having antibacterial property so it helps to fight against any infection by providing immunity.

Amla also Prevents skin Ageing
  • Amla is the very rich source of antioxidants it fights against some free radicals, decreases cells damage, prevent skin ageing, also fights against cancer and other diseases.

Helpful for liver and stomach
  • Amla helps to lower the inflammation and hyper acidity.
  • Amla keeps the liver healthy and also it keeps the body organ healthy and helps to flush out toxins that resides in the body.

It Keeps healthy Urinary System 
  •  The urinary system that works to filter out the toxin substances in the body if any infection occurred in the urinary track it removes the infection and stimulates the work of kidney.
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Monday, January 18, 2016

Herbal Health Supplements

Divya Jyoti Foundation manufactures sanjeevika personal care and health care products to keep your body healthy our sanjeevika  keshwardhana herbal shampoo helps to avoid the dandruff and  reduces the hair growth.You can use our Sanjeevika Ayurvedic medicine to cure various kinds of diseases.Being a spiritual organization we conduct the many spiritual teaching,meditation and Bhajans program.

Here we given some of the natural remedy to reduce Dandruff and hair fall

  • Take two table spoons of black pepper powder.
  •  Take one cup of curd or yogurt
  • Mix pepper powder and curd completely and then apply this on scalp (make sure that you should apply this mixture only on scalp not on hair)
  • Leave this mixture at least one hour to dry then rinse this with mild shampoo you can use sanjeevika keshwardhan shampoo for best results.                                                                                                       
  •   Healthy food that controls hair fall                                                                                                                                                              

 Massage your scalp by using warm olive oil before going to bed.

  • Next day morning wash your hair with a mild shampoo 
  •  Cover your head with a cotton wrap (to prevent dust on oily hair)
  • Just warm up the olive oil  but don't apply  very hot oil on hair 

 Mix coconut oil with half lemon juice.

  • Rub this mixture on  your scalp and massage few minutes.
  • Leave at-least 20 minutes then wash your hair with mild warm water
  •  Try this remedy at-least  two to three times in a week.
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Pure Herbal Products in Delhi

                                          Buy Ayurvedic medicines online in Delhi

Now a days so many peoples are suffering from diabetes in early age so to avoid or to prevent the these disease doctors are suggest  to exercise daily to keep blood sugar in  control and it also helps to reduce cardiovascular diseases that effects heart.

  • The main reason for this kind of disease is muscles consume more glucose content compare to those that are resting.Use sanjeevika Madhunil to control Diabetes millitus
  • The Muscle movements that leads to  take greater sugar by muscle cells and it lowers blood sugar level in body.
  • Some of  additional uses of regular exercise involves a healthy maintain of  heart, we can reduce the weight and also it manage the stress.

For different kind of diseases Divya jyoti Foundation provides health herbal products,Natural products and health and wellness products we manufacture Sanjeevika Ayurvedic medicines that cures the diseases easily you have to take these medicines with our expert doctor prescription so that you can take with out any fear about the side effects  you can buy our buy our pure herbal products in Delhi through online

Exercise is the term,it is used to describe some of  body activity that improves or manage the physical body fitness and also over all health.

To keep cardiovascular system, body’s muscles we have strengthen our body healthy. In  busy schedule of life we have to keep at least one or two hours for exercise and meditation to maintain the fitness and with these we have to meditate to keep our mind with out stress. 

The regular or daily physical exercise is suggested for all ages people it increases the immunity system of the body and it fight against some of infections and prevent the following diseases:

  •  stroke
  • Heart diseases
  • cancer
  • Type 2 diabetes and some of other major illnesses 
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Friday, January 15, 2016

Online Spiritual Books in Bangalore

Divya Jyoti Foundation is one of the spiritual organization we provide the spiritual books and monthly magazine you can buy online spiritual Books in Bangalore.
The ancient Indians scriptures,Atharva Veda eulogises-Let the earth be at peace;Let environment,ether/atmosphere,water,herbs,vegetation and powers that govern the world be at peace.Let humans,animals,and plants live in absolute harmony with each other.

However,this is only possible when we have regard for each other and consider everyone to be on par with each other,when we see the same divinity in every one and every thing.We all know that animals and humans are living beings and that they all have feelings.But,what about the plants?Are they living or not?If yes,then do we really realize this fact?What happens when we pluck their leaves and flowers in offhand manners or just for the sake of pleasure?Do they feel pain?The answer lies our revered scriptures.

The spiritually awakened Maharishis(a term used to donate a scientist of repute of ancient times) had an in -depth botanical knowledge and they very well knew that plants exhibit the attributes of lifes.My spiritual preceptor,His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji,often quotes the botanical references from the ancient scriptures-

  • Shrinvanti Padpaha-Plants can listen
  • Pashyanti Padpaha-Plants can see
  • Jigranti Padpaha-Plants can smell

His holiness also illustrates straightforward examples to prove these abilities of plants -you can see that a creeper grows only in a direction where stands some 'support-a bamboo or tree trunk' in its immediate vicinity.If that supports is removed,the creeper re-orients itself exactly towards the direction of another support system.Thus,we can deduce that these creepers can visualize their supports/surroundings.

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Akhand jyoti magazine subscription

Spiritual Books Online Shopping

The Rhythmic Ballet of Vibration-Energy in Spiritual world
Many of our holy scriptures sing the sagas of the wars waged between the demon kings and the demigods.The same war is being waged within us every moment.yes ,within us.In the battlefied of our mind! And the confronting armies are those of negative throught-patterns(represented by demigods).The conquering force between the two decides the status of our vibrational body,which further decides the health of our physical body......
Let's try to fathom the suitable depths of the play conducted by this vibration-energy.Man's experience in this world is sustained by the healthy blend of various energy types:
  • Physical energy
  • Mental energy
  • Intellectual energy
  • Vibration energy

But,among all these energy types,vibration-energy plays the pivotal role in our healthy existence.The whole cosmos,in a way,is a play staged by vibrations.In fact,our cosmic creation exhibits the expertise involving immense potential of this energy.Everything emerges from it and dissolves back into it.Enunciating the potential of this energy.Everything emerges from it and dissolves back into it.Enunciating the potentiality of the cosmic vibration,the Bible explicates:
In the beginning was the word,the word was with God,the word was God
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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Spiritual Magazine

About spiritual life in modern science

The tragedy of modern science is that its center of gravity is outside man and,thus,it treats him as an object.It is only confined to the study of the physical and sensory levels of experience.Science,today has converged into a unified knowledge of the 'without of nature',which only adds to the knowledge of the physical world;whereas,spirituality goes beyond and studies diverse subtle facts of the 'within of nature It converts knowledge into wisdom by realizing the Infinite and Immutable,who is the One beyond the ephemeral world of duality.Human welfare is possible not by mere knowledge but by wisdom.Thus,human fulfillment lies in the synthesis of the two streams.Sir Bertrand Russell also said.”unless man increase in wisdom as much as in knowledge,increase of knowledge will be increase of the sorrow .”Thus in order to understand total reality,the two must work together. Akhand Gyan is one the best spiritual Magazine published by Divya Jyoti foundation you can subscribe Akhand Gyan  monthly magazine  

Moreover,spirituality is a science of values.Values form pivotal point,on which depends the progress and survival of mankind.Values are not mechanical and,hence,come from physical phenomenon studied by science.Einstein,after years of scientific research,also concluded that,”science can denature plutonium but science cannot denatured evil in the heart of man.”It is when the physical science overlooks this limitation implicit in the adjective 'physical' that the bane of humanity begins. Vedic seers were watchful of this folly.They held firmly the view that science sans spirituality will have deleterious effects on mankind. 

Therefore,the Vedas-the treatise of their times-contained in them the confluence of two energy streams-physical as well as the spiritual science.Growth and fulfillment of the human life lies in blending the two in an ideal mix.

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