Thursday, January 7, 2016

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About spiritual life in modern science

The tragedy of modern science is that its center of gravity is outside man and,thus,it treats him as an object.It is only confined to the study of the physical and sensory levels of experience.Science,today has converged into a unified knowledge of the 'without of nature',which only adds to the knowledge of the physical world;whereas,spirituality goes beyond and studies diverse subtle facts of the 'within of nature It converts knowledge into wisdom by realizing the Infinite and Immutable,who is the One beyond the ephemeral world of duality.Human welfare is possible not by mere knowledge but by wisdom.Thus,human fulfillment lies in the synthesis of the two streams.Sir Bertrand Russell also said.”unless man increase in wisdom as much as in knowledge,increase of knowledge will be increase of the sorrow .”Thus in order to understand total reality,the two must work together. Akhand Gyan is one the best spiritual Magazine published by Divya Jyoti foundation you can subscribe Akhand Gyan  monthly magazine  

Moreover,spirituality is a science of values.Values form pivotal point,on which depends the progress and survival of mankind.Values are not mechanical and,hence,come from physical phenomenon studied by science.Einstein,after years of scientific research,also concluded that,”science can denature plutonium but science cannot denatured evil in the heart of man.”It is when the physical science overlooks this limitation implicit in the adjective 'physical' that the bane of humanity begins. Vedic seers were watchful of this folly.They held firmly the view that science sans spirituality will have deleterious effects on mankind. 

Therefore,the Vedas-the treatise of their times-contained in them the confluence of two energy streams-physical as well as the spiritual science.Growth and fulfillment of the human life lies in blending the two in an ideal mix.

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