Friday, April 22, 2016

Meditation Tips for Beginners....

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Meditation will help you to understand your own mind. Meditation gives us better health.

How to do meditation-

Many people worry about where to sit? How to sit? when to start?

Some tips-

  • Choose a convenient time- the hours of sunrise and sunset are best for practice. Better to do it in each morning.
  • Choose a silent place – Peaceful place where you not likely to be disturbed by anyone,.
  • In beginning days just sit for 2 minutes-  start with 2 to 3 minutes a day in a week, after next week increase 2 or 3 minutes, after it goes well just increasing little bit more time.You can start small and get better , better as you practice.If you 're comfortable- Sit cross legged and close your eyes throughout the process.
  • A good time to meditate is before having the food or you can meditate after 2 hours , after having food.
  • After settled,Take a few deep breaths and turn your attention to your breaths, and try to counting your breaths. It leads the mind into a peaceful meditative state.
  • As you come ,end of the meditation, don't open your eyes suddenly, Open your eyes slowly.
  • Just check how you're feeling ? How does your body feel ?

Smile when you are done meditation.

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