Monday, February 22, 2016

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Divya Jyoti Foundation Manufactures Sanjeevika Personal care products and Health care products.We also provide the complete ayurvedic medicines,we organize the Meditation,Bhajans and spiritual classes from our organization all over India.From djfoundation You can Buy Ayurvedic products online in Delhi,Bangalore.

 Sanjeevika bhringraj Hair oil 

  • Stimulates hair growth  
  •  Extends the life cycle of hair  
  • Avoids the premature graying 
  • It restores the strength of hair

Some of the Benefits of Bhringraj Herbs benefits.

  • The perfect way to use bhringraj  herbs or oil for hair .Sanjeevika bhringraj oil has awesome hair benefits. It avoids hair fall, strengthens, premature graying of hair roots, It acts like a conditioner for hair,It prevents split ends and activates hair growth,forbid baldness, alopecia
  • Bhringraj extracts have been very effective for promoting new hair generation,To prepare the hair pack, take the fresh bhringraj leaves, grind the leaves of bhringraj paste along by adding little  amount of yogurt and apply this mixture to the scalp.leave this mixture at-least 15 minutes then wash it off.
  • Bhringraj is also used as  liver tonic. bhringraj works effectively for treating liver diseases. We giving more importance to eat junk food nowadays, compared to our older generation.Daily intake of junk food has been mass that gives only a taste.
  •  Bhringraj leaves treats greatly for treating skin related diseases. Bhringraj juice it gives good results for treating cracked heels, some of skin allergies
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