Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How to reduce hair fall ? Use below tips at home to Reduce Hair loss.

Hair Care Tips:

  • Wash hair with warm water . Keep your hair and scalp clean.
  • Massage your scalp and head region for a few minutes daily ,it will help you strengthen your hair root.
  • Before applying the oil- heat it up(not too hot) and use this oil to scalp massage.
  • Avoid washing hair too frequently.
  • Avoid combing hair when wet, It lead to breakage of hair.
  • Don't select hairstyles that put pressure on hair . It lead to hair loss.
  • Massage slowly your scalp portion it will help blood circulation and helps in re-grow of hair.
  • Practice meditationTrust it or not,In many times, the root cause for hair fall is anxiety and strain. Meditation can help you in reducing stress and tension .

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