Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Benefits and Uses of Neem

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Health Benefits of Neem -

Neem is a tree of mahogany family Meliaceae. It is native to India,Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri-lanka , Malaysia and pakistan. Neem tree is a fast growing and long living tree. Scientific name Azadirachta indica is also known as neem. Neem seeds and leaves used for medicinal purposes.

Uses -

  • Skin care - 
                    It treats the skin infection. Neem seed oil is used in herbal care products( soaps, lotion                         , Neem face wash ,lotion and more). It gives you soft,smooth and glowing skin.

  • Hair care -
                  You can also find neem seed oil in Herbal shampoos ,Washing your hair with neem                              shampoos: It helps to reduce the dandruff and strengthen hair, Controls hair loss and                            premature graying away.

  • Prevents malaria-
                    In Ayurvedic medicine system, neem is used for effective treatment for malaria fever.

  • Keeps bugs away-
                   Gardeners use neem seed oil to keep common plants pests away.

  • Protects teeth and gums against the oral periodontal
  • Gives relief from bad breath.
  • It boosts immune system.

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