Friday, January 15, 2016

Online Spiritual Books in Bangalore

Divya Jyoti Foundation is one of the spiritual organization we provide the spiritual books and monthly magazine you can buy online spiritual Books in Bangalore.
The ancient Indians scriptures,Atharva Veda eulogises-Let the earth be at peace;Let environment,ether/atmosphere,water,herbs,vegetation and powers that govern the world be at peace.Let humans,animals,and plants live in absolute harmony with each other.

However,this is only possible when we have regard for each other and consider everyone to be on par with each other,when we see the same divinity in every one and every thing.We all know that animals and humans are living beings and that they all have feelings.But,what about the plants?Are they living or not?If yes,then do we really realize this fact?What happens when we pluck their leaves and flowers in offhand manners or just for the sake of pleasure?Do they feel pain?The answer lies our revered scriptures.

The spiritually awakened Maharishis(a term used to donate a scientist of repute of ancient times) had an in -depth botanical knowledge and they very well knew that plants exhibit the attributes of lifes.My spiritual preceptor,His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji,often quotes the botanical references from the ancient scriptures-

  • Shrinvanti Padpaha-Plants can listen
  • Pashyanti Padpaha-Plants can see
  • Jigranti Padpaha-Plants can smell

His holiness also illustrates straightforward examples to prove these abilities of plants -you can see that a creeper grows only in a direction where stands some 'support-a bamboo or tree trunk' in its immediate vicinity.If that supports is removed,the creeper re-orients itself exactly towards the direction of another support system.Thus,we can deduce that these creepers can visualize their supports/surroundings.

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