Wednesday, October 21, 2015

organic health care products

                                    Health and wellness products

Sanjeevika Products meets customer  demands and challenges with unique, different and profitable solutions. DivyaJyotiFoundation is committed to our customer’s health success and it will bring the same happiness health; By our products manufacturer experience we producing   hundreds of new  organic health care products and Health and herbal products

 As a consumer, you have a very important role to play for  getting the benefits from our products and also you have rights to give a suggestions about our products.When you purchase health and wellness products , you’re supporting sustainable economic development for our communities.

Our sanjeevika herbal care products  advantage is helps to keep your health good and help your body to recover from daily stresses you can encounter in everyday life.Organic health care products are predicated on the Ayurvedic medicines principle that is balance between your mind and spirits to reflect in your body systems.

Some of our products and its benefits are given below:

Kaunch Beej Churna Beneficial in generalized weakness

Panchtikat Ghrita Beneficial in infectious skin disease, worm infestation, piles.Blood purifier.

Lipid Cure Useful in hyperlipidemia and heart ailments.

Chywanprash Special Beneficial in cold cough, and asthma. * Useful in anorexia and constipation * Relieves from all type of weakness * Immunity enhancer.

Aloevera Juice Enriched With Minerals & Nutrients * Refreshing & Rejuvenatiing * Increases energy levels * Detoxifies and builds immunity

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