Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Health Herbal Products

DivyaJyotiFoundation is one of the non profit organization and also spiritual organization from our organization we teach about spiritual life we have released spiritual books and spiritual magazine you can buy spiritual books online shopping.

We provide the Health herbal products to keep your body healthy our sanjeevika ayurvedic medicines are very effective to cure some of the diseases no side effect from our products because it is manufactured by pure herbal products,natural products. Sanjeevika Shirovedan product is beneficial to reduce the headache,insomnia.

Some of the home remedies to reduce headache are given below:

To get relief from head ache soak your legs in hot water it will help increase blood circulation in feet to feel better from water gives pressure on blood vessels in head if you feeling sever headache add little bit of mustard powder.

 Use Lavender oil by Gently massaging on your forehead and temples it feels you relaxed and to get complete relief sit in silent place and quietly breath longer time this also helps to get tension free mind.
Peppermint oil fragrance stimulates the nerves and relaxes from headache

Ginger is traditional medicine used to treat the headache,cough etc.To get relief from headache add ground ginger to hot water and stir well then have this ginger juice it helps to reduce the headache and it is also good for health.

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