Monday, October 19, 2015

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DivyaJyoti Foundation is spiritual organization main brach is located in Delhi,we have sub branches all over india. We provide the health herbal products, Sanjeevika is one of the Ayurvedic Medicines supplied by our organization,sanjeevika Amla juice it works as Antioxidant  and Improves eye sight Prevents premature graying and falling can buy Ayurvedic products online we have both health care and personal care products in sanjeevika.

Amla juice is a healthy drink it gives energy so it helps you to be active hole day. Amala juice is very rich in vitamin C and minerals like iron, it can helps you to recover from various diseases and improves your health.

Amla juice provides you the following health benefits:

1. Helps to reduce Asthma And Bronchitis:
Regular use of amla juice with it relieve asthma and bronchitis problems. It also reduces Saviour chronic cough, various allergic asthma and tuberculosis.

2. Reduces Fat:

Amla juice helps to decrease the fats by increasing protein levels,it will helps to reduce unwanted fat. It has a ability to create a positive nitrogen balance. It reduces the cholesterol levels, so it avoids  heart attacks.

3.Helpful for Constipation And Piles:
Amla juice helps in relieving constipation caused because of piles. It also regulates the bowel movements and cures chronic constipation.

4. Treatment of Gastric Disorders:

Amla juice is very good medicine for treatment of gastric disorders and hyperchlorhydria (burning sensation in abdomen).It is a good remedy for diarrhea and dysentery. it helps maintain healthy liver functions. Amla juice it gives very good results for treating peptic ulcers and acidity

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