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Meditation is the method of focusing our mind to feel calm and give you a clear clarity of  your life. meditation helps you to keep our body healthy and also to keep our mind free.Meditation health benefits are recognized from thousands of years. Meditation is now  popular all over the world and widely practiced in the all the western country. It results a positive effects on health.

There are two types of meditation techniques are using commonly:
Concentrative meditation: In this type of Meditation we have to focus on a single image, sound, or mantras or you have to concentrate on your own breathing.

Mindful meditation, this meditation is used to reduce the stress and to keep your mind calm,here you need not to focus single image or sound purpose.But you have to aware of all thoughts, feelings, sounds, or images that comes your mind. If you do Meditation morning time 15 to 20 minutes by slowly regular breathing and quietly sitting.

Benefits of meditation:

 Meditation is mainly used for both physical and mental problems,it also includes:

  •  To avoid the Addictive behaviors,like drug, alcohol,nicotine.
  •  It helps to come out from Depression,Stress,Anxiety
  •  Blood pressure can be control by meditation.
  •  Pain.
  •  meditation to relieve anxieties from long-term (chronic) conditions such as HIV   and cancer
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