Saturday, October 17, 2015

About Spiritual Life


The spiritual life is something that is natural and simple living style. It is same natural type of  life and it is always simple and normal, unlike other things that  come across in our daily life activities. The spiritual life is normal and natural mainly because we knows its truth and effects in source life.  Spiritual life main Source is the one and only the God  and the Light beyond the real life thinkings and believing in God.To follow the spiritual life we have to keep our mind free and we should not bother about other kind of life it may be any problems in life, we should take it as positive,so you will feel the peace in life, if you follow this you need not remind bad times or cry in your life.Then we come to feel that a life of love, the love that expands, need not always remain a far cry. 

If you follow the spirituality  you feel Everything fulfills it may be your goal and dream will come true  divinely and supremely, we can achieve and claim as our very own if we follow the spiritual life. But when we practice spirituality, we feel many changes, which we call aspiration, climbs up high, higher, highest, at that time Peace, Light and Bliss we get not only in abundant measure but in infinite measure.
Mediation is also helps you to keep your mind peace and you can increase your concentration power.If you practice daily meditation, it is better to meditate alone. Before your meditation, it is good to  get fresh by proper bath. It is also advisable to wear clean and light clothes.

For spiritual life you should practice the meditation at least once a day.if you practice meditation early in the morning that day full your mind will be peace and calm .While meditating we have to keep our body relaxed. You will find that your inner feelings will spontaneously take you to a comfortable position; it is depends on you to maintain it.

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