Monday, November 16, 2015

Meditation is not just closing eyes and sitting straight

Meditation, primarily perceived as a state of sitting with straight body posture and closed eyes, looks to have become a major resort to get eliminate stress, tension and depression. However, our scriptures, the repository of spiritual treasure, reveal that meditation isn't just sitting and closing of eyes. Instead, it's a scientific methodology that becomes practicable solely when someone gets initiated into the divine information of Brahm Gyan by an ideal Master or True Guru. This eternal technique helps one to own direct perception of God with the opening of the third eye. With this begins the particular method of meditation.

Our saints haven't only been proficient in the art of meditation; in fact, they were the true masters of meditation and their meditation typically culminated into Samadhi, the supreme state of consciousness. once it involves Samadhi, it introduces us to the best dimension of spirituality. Saints in Samadhi have the power to execute control over their breath, heartbeat, and pulse, to the extent that these signs of life may even fall to the zero-level or that of complete cessation. Not just that! Saints will transcend to the present state anytime, at anyplace, at any moment.

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