Friday, September 25, 2015

Sanjeevika Herbal Supplements Online

Dj foundation is one of the non profit organization here they sell herbal health care products through online and also you can Buy ayurvedic Medicines online Sanjeevika Gulab sharab is one of the online selling product by Djfoundation

The following points are the benefits of Rose or Gulab sharab:

The rose petals are used to prepare Rose-water. Rose water has a good fragrance. It is used for many functions. In our Indian culture guests are welcomed by sprinkling rose water on them.

Gulab sharabath is used in flavouring beverages its very good for health. Rose  is commercially available popular rose syrup. Rose syrup added to chilled milk or lassi makes an excellent drink in the summers.

Rose water is used for many beauty treatments. Rose water is used as an astringent and sometimes as a base for astringent and skin toner.

If you feel your eyes are fully tired, just dip a swab of cotton in cool rose water and place it over your eyes. This will cool and refresh your eyes.

Boil water and sugar. Add one spoon sugar for a cup of water. Add rose essence to taste and red food color. Chill and serve. You can boil rose petals instead of using rose essence too.

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