Saturday, September 19, 2015


                                             DivyaJyoti Foundation

DJ foundation helps giving a light to your life and guiding your life toward your goal, DJ foundation provide best Ayurvedicmedicine extracted from herb products and we keep products names called Sanjeevika.We produced several products in health care and personal care. In this organization provided best Spiritual Books Online Shopping so that lot for devotes get more information about guru’s works and moves in their life, Spiritual Books also teach us importance in the life, we also provided Spiritual Magazine so that people get to know what is life, music CD’s and DVD’s also provide from this foundation that help plenty of people to get peaceful mind.
The nowadays DJ foundation provides music CD’s and DVD’son Bhajans, in this organization also organized Bhajans event on special days. Where lot people are gathering on one special day, event those details are provided in the monthly magazines. During the banjans program people are more involved in the praying of the Kirti with classical ragas and talas. This Bhajans program helps people to refresh their minds, and reduced the negative vibration in the body. Every year people come from various pasts of India to organize Bhajans event in DJ foundation.
DJ foundation provides Bhajans CD’s both languages in Panjabi and Hindi. Some Bhajans cds in Panjabi are ARJOYI, BHAGTI DA RANG, PUNNEYA DA CHANN and in Hindi RAM RAM TUG AYE JA, PRANAM, KAHE RAVIDAS, JAI GHOSH there are some cds we provide in Bhajans you can purchasecdsonline in DJ foundation. 

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